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Picking Up the Check

Picking Up the Check

Here’s one perk to being a grad student: everyone pities you. Wait, that doesn’t sound like a perk… I’ll rephrase. When you’re a PhD student, people with real jobs assume you are poor. They either think you’re taking on debt for your extended schooling or know that you’re living on a small stipend. The perk is that this pity often expresses itself in financial generosity in the form of free meals. For nearly all of … Read entire article »

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Why I Tithe

Because I didn’t grow up “in the church,” I never really knew about tithing until I joined my first church family while in graduate school.  My decision to tithe was one I made as an adult and I have observed the changes in my character that have occurred concurrently with becoming a cheerful giver.  There is plenty of great content available about why one should tithe and how generosity is a mark of having been … Read entire article »

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