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  1. jlcollinsnh says:

    Hi Emily…

    you might add “The Richest Man in Babylon” It wasn’t my 1st, but it remains my favorite.

    my only concern, and this is not the fault of the book, is that people seem to need things to be complicated to see the value.

    Babylon is such a simple little book, it’s easy to let the message slip thru your fingers. It is a book to read, and reread, slowly; contemplating what is being said.

  2. Emily says:

    I haven’t read that yet! I’ll add it to my library queue.

  3. Drew says:

    I would second that re: Babylon. It’s like the Godfather of personal finance books! If that doesn’t wake a person up to taking control of their money, nothing will.

  4. Have you read: Millionaire Teacher?

    It is the best basic PF book I’ve come across so far. That, and Millionaire Next Door are my two must-read PF books.
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    1. Emily says:

      I haven’t yet read The Millionaire Teacher but thanks for the suggestion! I read The Millionaire Next Door several years ago and while I liked the principle of the book a lot, I felt it was incredibly repetitive and didn’t address the causative relationship between the frugal lifestyle and millionaire net worth.

  5. Brent says:

    I would love to be listed in there as well. Any guidelines on how my site could be included?

    1. Emily says:

      No formula, just gets updated when I think of it. I’ll check out your site.

  6. Thanks for putting me on your blogroll! 🙂
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    1. Emily says:

      You are very welcome.

  7. Mik says:

    Elizabeth Warren is a LIAR and Fraud! Warren claims to be an American Indian and as a result qualified for affirmative action benefits/protection in her career, but cannot prove any such affiliation when questioned.

    1. Emily says:

      I’m not sure how you expect me to respond to political mudslinging. Do you think this controversy invalidates Warren’s academic and policy work?

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