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Why I Love Personal Finance: Universal Math Meets Individual Values

Why I Love Personal Finance: Universal Math Meets Individual Values

From about fifth grade forward, I wasn’t a big fan of math. Not to be too Barbie about it, but math class is tough, right? I apparently was fairly good at it, though, because I was put in an advanced math track in school (which just made it all the harder). By the time I got to calculus, I was pretty sick of the whole subject. Then, in my senior year of high school, I … Read entire article »

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Weekly Update 10

Happy Easter!   Easter is 100% my favorite day of the year and I am so excited every year to invite friends and colleagues to church.  I just love this season of focus on the Gospel and the Resurrection in particular.  I converted to Christianity from atheism because I came to understand that Jesus really, actually, physically, literally became alive again after his death on the cross two days earlier.  The huge implications of that event – namely, that God wanted so much to restore our relationship with him that he died to accomplish it – have simply revolutionized my life.   Other than our normal weekly activities, our dentist appointment, and preparing for Easter, one of the extra fun things we did was spend an evening with two other couples associated … Read entire article »

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