Weekly Update 23

Phew!  We have had a busy week!


We were in Chicago through Wednesday visiting friends and sight-seeing.  I’ll put up a post about the expenses we incurred on that vacation as soon as I crunch the numbers and compare them with our estimates.  We were so exhausted that instead of going into the city on our last day we just slept all day – now that’s a vacation!


When we got back to Durham we had to get right back to work and finding a new place to live.  We viewed two townhomes and decided on one of them!  We applied for the rental on Friday night and were approved on Saturday.  Unfortunately the property management company will not hold the townhouse for us until the lease and security deposit are signed, sealed, and delivered (???) so we are waiting for them to get back to us on some questions about the lease and then we will get those documents over to them ASAP!


I took a quick trip to the beach with some girls from my program on Saturday while Kyle puttered around, and then in the evening we watched The Adventures of Tintin.  We have a somewhat busy Sunday coming up – I need more of a break!!



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8 Responses to "Weekly Update 23"

  1. Leigh says:

    Good luck holding down that place you guys want! Do you have an estimate for how much moving will costs versus how much you guys will save on rent over the next 12 months?
    Leigh recently posted..Non-Wage Income – Q2 2012 Update

    1. Emily says:

      We submitted the lease today so I hope that means we secured the place.

      I have no idea how much moving will cost! We are going to do it ourselves/with friends so I hope the only spent money will be renting a small U-haul for one day to move our furniture – maybe only tens of dollars. Our period of overlapping rents will cost us $200.

      Our new rent is a bit more than $100 less than what we’re paying now so it will take 2 months to pay back the overlap time, then maybe another month or two for the remaining costs. We don’t know how utilities will shake out exactly, though. The current renters spend about half on gas and electricity of what we spend on electricity currently, but they weren’t running the A/C much when we visited so our costs will probably be higher. The plan is to stay there 2 years, but it might turn out to just be 1 – or longer, if I never graduate!

      1. Emily says:

        Oh, and another almost-month for the application fee.

  2. Jan says:

    It looks like you guys are doing well. Hopefully you can keep up good work on your finances.I am curious as well regarding moving costs.
    Jan recently posted..Różnica między kredytem a pożyczką

    1. Emily says:

      I’ll post about them once we execute the move. Right now I have no idea what an in-town move will be!

  3. Hi Emily! Thanks for including my guest post at Jason’s! =)
    From Shopping to Saving recently posted..How to Stay Financially Sane While on Vacation

    1. Emily says:


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