Weekly Update 21

Kyle and I are gearing up for our trip to Chicago next weekend.  We have planned where we’re staying each night of our trip (only paying for one!) but don’t yet know what sights we’ll see/activites we’ll do each day (suggestions welcome!).  We have a lot of research and planning and shopping yet to do, but at least our wedding attire is already taken care of.


We have also started looking for a new place to live.  Our apartment complex is raising our rent significantly so we wanted to research what else is available at what price ranges so we can either effectively negotiate with the leasing office or find something else we like.  We need to make a decision in the next week or two about whether or not to renew.  This is a difficult decision because we really, really love our apartment.



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Corey from 20’s Finances reminded us of some of the important things in life – like safety, security, and community.


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Holly from Club Thrifty laid out a plan for paying for vacations that is very similar to ours, perfectly articulating why you shouldn’t finance a vacation: “We pay for our vacations by saving for them all year, setting a budget, and finding vacations that fit within that budget…  I would definitely not suggest that a person go into debt to fund a vacation. If you cannot afford to pay cash for your vacation, you cannot afford it. Period.”



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  1. Emily,

    Thanks for the mention! Sorry you have to move, but hopefully it will turn out to be a better situation. Enjoy Chi-town!
    Brent Pittman recently posted..Weekend Edition: Frugal Summer of Savings

  2. Bob says:

    Thanks for the mention emily! Have a good weekend!
    Bob recently posted..How Much Should You Contribute to a 401k?

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