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Two Tiny Notes

Miss me yet? 😉 Just wanted to pop in with two bits of news.   1) You can get your EPF fix over at Making Sense of Cents today. Michelle published a guest post I wrote (pre-FinCon14 freak-out) on a budget-related method of motivating myself to earn side income in my funemployment. For September, I’m already up to ‘car gas.’ Leave me a comment over on Making Sense of Cents to let me know what you think of my idea!   2) I just learned I have an internship interview in a field I’m very interested in so please wish me luck! Even though I’m not job-searching, I seem to be job-applying. I’ve applied for three internships, a fellowship, a part-time contract job, and two full-time jobs in the past six weeks. Most of those … Read entire article »

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