Favorite Posts, Mentions, and Top Comments Week of 11August2013

As I anticipated, this week has been consumed by work work and more work.  As often happens in these stressful times, something piled on top – Kyle came down with a cold and then gave it to me!  Being in lab all day Saturday with an achey chest and stuffed nose is no fun!  I’m falling behind schedule on meeting my deadlines so I need to push even harder this upcoming week to get it all done.  🙁


The one bright spot in my week (which Kyle unfortunately missed because of his cold) was the potluck we had in place of our normal church small group meeting.  I got to eat a ton of delicious food (mmmm crab dip) and ended the evening sitting around a bonfire talking about life’s big questions with two friends.  Don’t you just love the conversations that are spurred by hanging out in the dark with your friends?



Posts I Liked


Bridget from Money After Graduation explains what bloggers who have never had debt fail to understand about people who are in debt.


TeacHer Finance reassures you that you don’t have to care about money – all you have to do is accept the consequences of your actions.


Jacob from iHeartBudgets shares a reader question that warms all of our hearts from a great saver.


Mrs. Pop from Planting Our Pennies details why she prefers plastic to cash.





Matt Becker from Mom and Dad Money used Republic Wireless Review as an example of “doing more for less.”


Save and Conquer compared Just Make a Decision with one of his own posts.


Joe from Stacking Benjamins included Would Someone Date You After Seeing Your Taxes? in the stack.





Just Make a Decision was featured in the Finance Carnival for Young Adults and the Carnival of Money Pros.


July 2013 Month in Review: Money was featured in the Yakezie Carnival.


Inexpensive House, Expensive Car was featured in the Carnival of Personal Finance #426.



Top Comment 


Remember the preposterous situation I proposed in Would Someone Date You After Seeing Your Taxes??  Well Shani B has been in almost exactly that position and can tell us with assurance how she reacted! “This year this scenario was put on the table enough times that I can say that it DOES make a difference, CALL ME SHALLOW IF YOU’D LIKE. I need someone who is financially content, has pretty good job security, is thinking about their future (Investments, IRA’s/401K, etc.).”



Most Frequent Commenters


  1. Edward Antrobus
  2. Done by Forty
  3. SarahN @ Live to List



Top Blogs Referring to EPF


  1. The Simple Dollar
  2. Reach Financial Independence
  3. Well Heeled Blog
  4. Get Rich Slowly


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  1. Thanks for the mention! It’s been a busy week for us with work, too – and those summer colds are the worst. Hope you guys are feeling better now =)
    Mrs. Pop @ Planting Our Pennies recently posted..Worth Mentioning #37 – Vote In The Plutus Awards

  2. SArahN says:

    Me again – damn that chatterbox!

    Thanks for the link though!
    SArahN recently posted..Things to think about when setting children’s pocket money

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