Favorite Posts, Mentions, and Top Comments Week of 3November2013

What can I say about this week?  It was grueling, as most of my weeks have been recently.  I’m really working at an unsustainable pace, but I only need to sustain it through the beginning of December.  🙂


I did have kind of a funny one-car incident on Saturday.  Kyle was working at church from 12:30 PM through the service, which starts at 4:00 PM.  He dropped me off at work in the morning and we thought he might be able to steal away for a few minutes to pick me up close to 4:00 PM, but it didn’t seem like it would work out because there was also a football game starting at 4:00 PM and we thought the campus might be difficult to drive in and out of quickly.  (We attended that football game after church and the 4th quarter was pretty spectacular!)  So I decided to walk from my office to church, a distance of 1.7 miles that took me about 30 minutes or so.  Not a big deal, I thought – I often walk 2-3 miles recreationally so it was fine to do it from one location to another.  After the service an acquaintance came up to me to say that he thought he had seen me walking toward church but since I was so far away he thought that surely I was going to be picked up by someone and did I need a ride home because… well I guess in this car-dependent town it’s unseemly to transport yourself by your own two feet?  He was being terribly nice and friendly and concerned and all but I just found the whole exchange amusing.



Posts I Liked


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Alicia from Financial Diffraction is a recent PhD recipient who didn’t take a break between her PhD and first real job: “I would highly suggest [Kyle] take off a chunk of time between the two…  I defended my PhD while working full time in the university (not in a research lab, an additional role), flying across the country twice for job interviews, and ended up with a two week time period where I had two full time jobs. It will likely be easier for you and Kyle because you will be staying behind and the move won’t be everything for him, but even having enough time to comfortably move would be nice. I am now over six months into my new position, and I wish I had taken a month of downtime… Especially since I don’t know when I will get that option again.”



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4 Responses to "Favorite Posts, Mentions, and Top Comments Week of 3November2013"

  1. Matt Becker says:

    Thanks for the shout out Emily! I love when you something normal to you feels so weird to other people. Glad you were able to make it to the end of the game!
    Matt Becker recently posted..Cool Stuff Around the Web #14

  2. Leigh says:

    Before my injury, I was walking about that distance to/from work and everyone thought I was crazy! When I was in college though I walked SO much. It taking an hour to get somewhere was just completely normal!
    Leigh recently posted..Two Year Mortgage Pay-off Plan

  3. with my last job, I walked 2 miles a day round-trip. It’s so funny when people think walking is such a chore! If the weather is good, I LOVE walking.
    Tara @ Streets Ahead Living recently posted..Aren’t you shopping this weekend?

  4. Cash Rebel says:

    I just spent the weekend in Arkansas where they are all clearly car dependent. In these sorts of areas, anyone who walks a substantial distance looks out of place. I applaud you for using your legs to cover a walkable distance.
    Cash Rebel recently posted..That time my parents offered me fifty thousand dollars

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