Favorite Posts, Mentions, and Top Comment Week of 9 March 2014

This week was an unusual one for me because I skipped my Wednesday night church small group meeting.  🙁  Kyle has been playing hooky from it for a couple months (thesis hermitage) but I am an incredibly regular attender.  This week I just wasn’t feeling up to the game night we had planned.  Trying to get a date set for Kyle’s defense has been emotionally exhausting for both of us.  The news this week is that he is 1) not able to find a date before this semester’s deadline (April 10) because of his committee members’ schedules and 2) he can’t defend between April 10 and the end of the semester for funding reasons.  So now he’s looking at the second half of May but still doesn’t have a date set.  He has lightened up on the dissertation-writing now that he has a complete draft, thank goodness.  So we are spending more time together, which is very nice.


Is anyone else so relieved that March Madness has arrived?!  I need the distraction.  As of this writing (Saturday night), our team is still alive in our conference tournament and headed to the finals tomorrow.  It’s an exciting year because it’s so difficult to predict how our team will perform – they’ve been very uneven.


Favorite Posts This Week


Michelle from Making Sense of Cents lists several ways to earn $1,000 extra each month.


Ninja from Punch Debt in the Face finally pulled the trigger on investing some of his cash on hand.


Ashley from Saving Money in Your Twenties got a shout-out on a local radio station and started a second blog!


Kali Hawk from Common Sense Millennial creates at Your PF Pro a list of 25 financial goals before you turn 25.


Retire by 40 defends his position that he would prioritize funding his child’s college education over his retirement if necessary.


Alicia from Financial Diffraction recounts the negotiation process for her first post-PhD job.





SarahN from Live to List used my post “I’m Not Going to Rob You” as a jumping-off point to discuss giving time vs. giving money.





The Danger of Side Hustle Income was featured in the Carnival of Money Pros.


What’s So Great About High Cost-of-Living Areas? was featured in the Carnival of Personal Finance #453 and 454 and the Carnival of Financial Planning.


It’s Nice When Money Can Fix Your Problems was featured in the Carnival of Financial Camaraderie.


February 2014 Month in Review: Money was featured in the Yakezie Carnival.



Top Comment


E 2 agreed with my criticism of Suze Orman regarding student loans: “I think Suze Orman’s advice towards recent graduates tends to be very lowest-common-denominator, assuming we’ll take on lots of debt, not pay it back, and spend our entire paychecks. (I say “we” because I checked it out as a recent graduate and just rolled my eyes – take out credit card debt if you need to and try to save $10 a month, really?)  My attitude toward student loans is similar to yours… We’ve decided the returns on our retirement accounts add more to our net worth than low interest loans take away, and put most of our money there instead. Without enough money to have a big emergency fund, max out retirement accounts, AND pay off student loans, you have to make choices, and sometimes the loans are not actually very dangerous at all.”



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4 Responses to "Favorite Posts, Mentions, and Top Comment Week of 9 March 2014"

  1. Thanks for including me in your favourite posts, Emily. 🙂

    It’s so hard to get multiple profs to have time in their schedule to set a defense date. I’m glad he can take a bit of a breather so that he has time to do a really good edit. I felt like I was so rushed from my full draft to final submitted draft that I didn’t have much of a chance for a very very thorough edit.

    I hope he enjoys a day or so before going back to the grind.
    Alicia @ Financial Diffraction recently posted..Newbie Salary Negotiations.

    1. Emily says:

      There is one person on Kyle’s committee in particular who is just insanely busy. I’ll leave my comments there!

      I hope he does get back to working hard but not as long hours. At this point all he has to do is editing the thesis and the last couple papers – no more research for the time being! He might still be a hermit until he has a date set, though, because it’s too difficult to interact with other people (he has enough to deal with just with me!).

  2. E 2 says:

    Oh man, good luck with setting the date. (My husband finally has one, but his committee couldn’t find one that worked with everyone until August!) If it makes you feel any better, I think it’s a common problem, but that doesn’t make it any less frustrating. Glad you’re seeing Kyle more at least!

    1. Emily says:

      Oh no, that’s so far from now! Was he looking for a date from now until then or just for the summer? Definitely part of Kyle’s problem was trying to find a date too soon in the future.

      Yes, a very common problem especially in the summer. He was trying to get it done before summer because so many people take long trips. Most of his committee has reasonable availability in the spring but it just takes one!

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