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Favorite Posts, Mentions, and Top Comments Week of 19January2014

The only really out of the ordinary thing that happened this week was that Kyle and I babysat for our friends’ kids one evening this week while they went on a date.  Their kids are three and a few months and were super easy, so it was quite fun.  I got lots of baby cuddles and Kyle got lots of playtime with the older child.  I think that taking care of cute, well-behaved, fun children is supposed to make biological clock tick or something, but no dice so far.   Kyle finished debugging his code and is generating results again after being stuck for a few months.  After a week of panic, I found out that an animal study I’m doing with some collaborators is going forward, with a deadline extension for … Read entire article »

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Weekly Update 7

Not too much exciting stuff went on this week.  Kyle and I were working pretty hard so I didn’t spend as much time in the PF blogosphere as I usually have.  I saw some exciting positive results at work – I like my job right now.  🙂  We watched our basketball team flail out of the NCAA tournament; we’re still watching but now I’m cheering for the other teams from our conference.  On Friday night we babysat for our friends’ one-year-old – 45 minutes of parenting practice!  The child had been very well-trained and we had a great time!     Posts I Liked Well Heeled Blog wrote a post on what she thinks a college personal finance curriculum should include.  A very interesting proposal!  Head over to her blog to add your thoughts … Read entire article »

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