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July 2017 Budget Report

July 2017 Budget Report

Holy smokes, we overspent our budget this month! Luckily, we weren’t scheduled to contribute a whole lot to our targeted savings accounts this month, or the damage would have been a lot worse.   1) Our monthly rent increased by $100 and we also decided to go month-to-month to the tune of an extra $50/month. Kyle’s job is slated to move locations in October-ish because they’ve outgrown their current space, but they don’t know yet where to. … Read entire article »

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Weekly Update 20

I gave lab meeting on Monday (hence why Kyle posted that day!) and that went well.  My advisor has been away for several weeks and seemed please with my progress when we talked.  My research the rest of the week wasn’t so hot but I’m still riding high from that feedback early in the week.   We went out to dinner (sort of) on Monday night to celebrate a friend’s birthday and then out again for a trivia night at a local bar on Tuesday, so that was a lot of restaurant spending for us in a short amount of time!  This week I also met with a friend to coach her a bit on her finances.  I’ve realized that I’m a problem solver – that’s what I like about science and … Read entire article »

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