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Easing the Financial Burden on Wedding Attendants

Easing the Financial Burden on Wedding Attendants

Being asked to be a bridesmaid or groomsman in a friend or family member’s wedding is a major honor, but it can come with a major price tag.  Last spring, WeddingChannel.com estimated that the average cost of serving as a bridesmaid is now nearly $1,700.  The cost for young adults to be bridesmaids or groomsmen, particularly ones who have been asked to stand in several weddings per year, can be so substantial that it’s reasonable … Read entire article »

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Weekly Update 17

Low-key week for us.  The only out-of-the-ordinary event was a going-away party for some close friends of ours.  We used to be in a church small group together so we got all the members of the group from when it disbanded together.  It was a lovely evening and a great reminder to capitalize on the time we have with our friends while we still live near them!   Kyle and I finally returned our long-held DVDs to Netflix, so we watched our two new received films this weekend.  On Friday we watched Bridesmaids and we were really disappointed!  The movie got such good reviews but we just found it very sad and not nearly as funny as some of Apatow’s other movies.  I also think that movies with SNL stars are a … Read entire article »

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