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Home Equity Is Funny Money

We closed on our house just about exactly a year ago for $700k, and Redfin now has our home value pegged at over $900k. Redfin’s estimate is not necessarily reliable, but it’s a data point. Before buying our home, I saw PF bloggers and other interested parties discuss their net worth calculations online, and they often accounted for their home equity/the value of their home in odd ways. These other people sometimes left their home’s value out entirely or omitted any equity above the mortgage amount or used a lower value for their home. This was totally puzzling to me. I thought I would have just grabbed a value from Redfin/Zillow and plugged in that number on a monthly basis. That seemed to be the most accurate/up-to-date. I still think it’s important … Read entire article »

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I Wish We Could Buy a House

I Wish We Could Buy a House

Not a day goes by that I fail to read a blog post or hear a story that references the incredibly low mortgage interest rates available for people with good credit.  I am super jealous of people able to borrow at those rates for a reasonable long-term investment!  I admit I’ve even been making occasional visits to zillow.com and trulia.com to check out home prices in San Diego.   Why I Want a House (and Mortgage)   Incredibly Low … Read entire article »

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