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Favorite Posts, Mentions, and Top Comments Week of 17Mar2013

This week is all about watching March Madness!  My PI walked into my office when I had it streaming one time this week.  :/  We also saw Anything Goes at our local theater – Kyle really liked it and I thought it was pretty good.  On Friday night we went to a Grad Christian Fellowship gathering and hear from a bioethicist faculty member, which was fascinating and provoked a lot of great discussion afterwards.  Finally, one of our friends in Kyle’s program defended this week – congratulations Dr. S!     Posts I Liked   Kraig from Young Cheap Living explains why he’s bucking the standard advice to use tax-advantaged retirement accounts and buy a house.   Well Heeled Blog draws attention to the trend of freezing eggs to extend the childbearing years in favor of focusing … Read entire article »

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Weekly Update 50

Kyle and I had a busy week socially on top of our intense work schedule.  My prelim document is due tomorrow and my presentation is two weeks from tomorrow, so there will be a few guest posts on the blog so that I can take a break from generating content.   On Tuesday evening Kyle and I saw Mary Poppins at our local theater.  It was a good show – I liked how they translated the magical elements to the stage – but it was too child-friendly for my taste.  On Wednesday we watched our university play its rivalry basketball game with friends (and were pleased with the outcome!).  On Friday I went to a little seminar on consulting and actually learned some new things even though I’ve been to many of … Read entire article »

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Weekly Update 45

I haven’t done one of these update posts in a few weeks, partially because of travel and partially because the PF blogosphere was pretty quiet over the holidays!  But posting and commenting seems to be back at full speed, so this update is as well.   Pretty quiet week for us!  We saw Jekyll and Hyde at our local theater this week, but it wasn’t the greatest.  We had a lovely date night in on Friday – we cooked dinner together and then watched Harry Potter 7 Part 2.  We watched (on TV) our university’s basketball team lose on Saturday so we’re pretty upset about that, but we knew it would be a challenging game.     Posts I Liked   Mrs. Pop from Planting Our Pennies spins an interesting tale from their time property-hunting at Eyes … Read entire article »

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