Our Luxuries

from a recent wedding

I recently started a gratitude/praise journal and it is slowly helping me become more aware of all the “little” things in my life that are truly wonderful that I tend to overlook.  I thought I would list out here the luxuries or indulgences my husband and I enjoy, even on our tight budget.  You’ll probably notice a lot of overlap with our targeted savings accounts here – they tend not to be spontaneous but they are definitely deliberate!

  • our apartment (1200 sq. ft., high ceilings, well-heated/cooled) – it’s literally billed as a “luxury apartment”
  • our CSA, and more generally lots of fresh, occasionally local/organic food
  • season tickets to our university’s men’s basketball games
  • season tickets to the Broadway musical series at our local performing arts center
  • nice dresses – I don’t buy them often but when I do they tend to be from Macy’s or Nordstrom (affiliate links – thanks for using!). shockingly pricey to Kyle.
  • flights to the West Coast several times per year
  • attending most of the weddings to which we are invited
  • Kyle’s fancy smartphone and data plan (which I use plenty)


What luxuries do you have in your life?  What is a spending priority for you even if it’s not a necessity?


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