Favorite Posts, Mentions, and Top Comments Week of 28July2013

I’m so glad that we have our housing situation all squared away!  Our application was approved almost immediately last Monday and we sent in the security deposit online to hold the unit.  However, we aren’t scheduled to sign the lease until the day we move in, which we think is a bit weird.  We’re at least going to ask to read it over before that day to make sure there’s nothing we object to in it.


birthday burgerLast Sunday we had a group of people over for a potluck after church and Kyle inserted a quick “happy birthday” wish for me by asking everyone to wear party hats and sticking a candle in my cheeseburger.  🙂


Work was a bit terrible for me this week as an instrument I use went down.  As soon as it’s back up I’m going to be busy busy busy because I have a deadline to meet at the end of August.  I mapped out my schedule and it’s pretty tight so I hope this instrument is repaired quickly!  If things go a bit awry I will have to start putting in many more hours in the evenings and weekends than I do now to get everything done.


One extra social activity I did this week was to watch the first two episodes of The Bible with some friends from church.  I wanted to watch it when it was first aired but almost no one I know has cable.  I actually enjoyed it even though it wasn’t the high quality that I was expecting.  It did help me to better put myself in the shoes of the OT characters it portrayed and spurred some critical thinking regarding the artistic license taken.



Posts I Liked


Kraig from Young Cheap Living asks if we are saving money for things or time.


The College Investor presents a very candid interview with a man nearing retirement age who has not saved enough.


Paula from Afford Anything disagrees with her boyfriend about whether to pay cash or take out a low-interest loan for a car.


Cat from Budget Blonde gets on her soapbox to let people know how much sacrifice is involved with obtaining and MD and how the payoff isn’t what it’s perceived to be.


Glen from Monster Piggy Bank lists many free or cheap hobbies and activities.





Tara from Streets Ahead Living listed Choosing a Home Size in her link love.


Save and Conquer included Choosing a Home Size in the posts he liked.





Blog Statistics Update June-July 2013 was featured in the Yakezie Carnival.


Reaching Our First Retirement Savings Milestone was featured in the Carnival of Retirement.


Choosing a Home Size was featured in the Carnival of Personal Finance and the Finance Carnival for Young Adults.


Is “Live Like a College Student” Good Advice? was featured in the Finance Carnival for Young Adults.


First Values and Goals, Then Strategies was featured in the Carnival of Money Pros.



Top Comment


Richard was the first person to point out the scammy twist of the sales pitch I cut off the last time we rented a car, which was to pre-pay to refill the gas tank: “I think the fine print says that you have to pre-buy an ENTIRE tank of gas at that price. The only way you save money versus filling the tank yourself is if you return the car with an empty tank. To me, returning a car empty is more trouble than returning it full.”



Most Frequent Commenters 


  1. Lucas
  2. Done by Forty
  3. Edward Antrobus



Top Blogs Referring to EPF 


  1. Well Heeled Blog
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  3. Tales and Trenches


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10 Responses to "Favorite Posts, Mentions, and Top Comments Week of 28July2013"

  1. Thank you so, so much Emily for linking to my post. 😀 I really appreciate it!! Hope you have a fab weekend!

    1. Emily says:

      I seem to be linking to you a lot lately – great work!

  2. Happy birthday and best of luck with your busy August. Mrs. Done by Forty is presenting her proposal at the end of the month and similarly has a booked solid month coming up. Here’s to hoping everything works out, as it tends to do.
    Done by Forty recently posted..July Net Worth Update (In August…)

    1. Emily says:

      Good luck!!! At what point in her program does she propose? Kyle did in the fall of his third year and I did in the spring of my fifth year!

      1. She is proposing in the summer at the end of her 4th year, though she’s ahead of schedule. I think 5th year is more typical.

        Good luck and here’s to a good August!
        Done by Forty recently posted..Produce Haul

        1. Emily says:

          Ahead of schedule – awesome! Both Kyle and I are behind, I think. 🙁 Oh well, lifestyle. 🙂

  3. Thanks for the shout out Emily 🙂
    I hope everything at work goes OK and you don’t have to do too many extra hours.
    Glen @ Monster Piggy Bank recently posted..How to Save Money on Groceries

    1. Emily says:

      It will all depend on how in-demand the instrument is! I can shift to working evenings and not-mornings, maybe!

  4. Thank you for the love! I’m flattered!
    Paula / Afford Anything recently posted..We Bought House #4! Check it Out!

    1. Emily says:

      Keep up the great work!

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