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Favorite Posts, Mentions, and Top Comments Week of 9June2013

Man, I had a great week!   I have an undergraduate working with me full-time and his mere presence is really helping me keep on track with my experiments.  I was able to replicate my great result from last week so I feel like I’m a giant leap closer to finishing my PhD.   Kyle and I attended one of those how-to-get-a-job talks this week and actually got to spend some time in a smaller group with the speaker. She told Kyle she was confident he’ll be able to find a job with his unique training (and she said she doesn’t tell most people that).  We got a free meal out of the deal at a nice French restaurant in Durham.  She also gave me some advice and a possible interesting contact on the PF front, … Read entire article »

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Weekly Update 43

This was a rather different week work-wise for me because I decided to almost completely suspend my labwork to start preparing for my preliminary exam!  I set a fairly modest word count goal for each day and loaded myself up with new papers to read.   In addition to our normal activities this week, I also interviewed a prospective student on behalf of my college and Kyle performed a holiday concert with his community band that was amazing!  And did anyone catch the crazy end of the Butler-Indiana game?!  I was happy to see Butler win and to see Indiana lose.  😉  Not that I think our team will go undefeated this year, but it’s nice to outlast some other good teams – we’ll see!   Other than that we’re really just looking forward … Read entire article »

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Weekly Update 42

We had another really great week!  We’re being very productive at work and had lots of holiday parties and such to attend.  We also saw another musical and had chicken and waffles with some friends before the show.  And we went to my friend’s holiday handbells concert, which was amazing.     Posts I Liked   Get Rich Slowly shares an awesome reader story about overcoming toxic financial midsets learned in childhood.   Nelson from Yes I Am Cheap writes a great admonishing post on lifestyle inflation.   Michael from Money Under 30 diagrams his strategy for living with an irregular income.   Mrs. Pop from Planting Our Pennies explains what to include in your net worth statements.   Jordann from Making Sense of Cents shares how to avoid lifestyle inflation.   Joe Plemon from Christian Personal Finance lists ways to enjoy Christmas and not … Read entire article »

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