Weekly Update 42

We had another really great week!  We’re being very productive at work and had lots of holiday parties and such to attend.  We also saw another musical and had chicken and waffles with some friends before the show.  And we went to my friend’s holiday handbells concert, which was amazing.



Posts I Liked


Get Rich Slowly shares an awesome reader story about overcoming toxic financial midsets learned in childhood.


Nelson from Yes I Am Cheap writes a great admonishing post on lifestyle inflation.


Michael from Money Under 30 diagrams his strategy for living with an irregular income.


Mrs. Pop from Planting Our Pennies explains what to include in your net worth statements.


Jordann from Making Sense of Cents shares how to avoid lifestyle inflation.


Joe Plemon from Christian Personal Finance lists ways to enjoy Christmas and not be so focused on presents.





Leigh from Leigh’s Financial Journey included both All I Want for Christmas Is a Giving Revolution and The Great Debate: 15-Year vs. 30-Year Mortgages in her weekend links.


Jason from Work Save Live added Current Credit Cards Rewards Strategy in his great weekend reading.


Jessica from Mo’ Money Mo’ Houses listed All I Want for Christmas Is a Giving Revolution in her weekly link love.





How to Be an Exemplary Boomerang Kid was featured in the Festival of Frugality.


How to Tell If Your Means Are Just Not Enough was featured in the Carnival of Retirement.


Taking Control of Our Grocery Spending was featured in the Carnival of MoneyPros.



Top Comment


Justin @ The Frugal Path elaborates on why he’s not playing the rewards game, saying”I’m still working on getting out of credit card debt from a recent problem that we had. But once we’re out I’m not adverse to using this system. If you pay everything off at the end of the month credit cards can save you a little extra cash.”



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  1. Jason @ Work Save Live
  2. Holly @ Club Thrifty
  3. John S @ Frugal Rules
  4. Kathleen @ Frugal Portland



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  1. Punch Debt in the Face
  2. Get Rich Slowly
  3. Mo’ Money Mo’ Houses
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  1. Michelle says:

    Thanks for mentioning Jordann’s post on my blog, super appreciated.

    Glad last week was good for you!
    Michelle recently posted..Sunday Meal Plan

  2. Thanks for the mentions (even if you are mentioning me mentioning you haha!)

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