Weekly Update 43

This was a rather different week work-wise for me because I decided to almost completely suspend my labwork to start preparing for my preliminary exam!  I set a fairly modest word count goal for each day and loaded myself up with new papers to read.


In addition to our normal activities this week, I also interviewed a prospective student on behalf of my college and Kyle performed a holiday concert with his community band that was amazing!  And did anyone catch the crazy end of the Butler-Indiana game?!  I was happy to see Butler win and to see Indiana lose.  😉  Not that I think our team will go undefeated this year, but it’s nice to outlast some other good teams – we’ll see!


Other than that we’re really just looking forward to going to CA next week!  I’m still stressing out over gift-giving but less so – Kyle has said a lot of nice things to ease the mental burden I’ve put on myself.  Kyle finally decided to give store-bought gifts as well as homemade treats to his extended family.  We sat down together on Saturday night and picked out almost all the gifts we needed from Amazon to so we’re nearly done with the process!



Posts I Liked


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Michelle from Making Sense of Cents shared the crazy story of how she bought her first house at age 20.


Kathleen from The College Investor shares the eight financial rules she lives by.  I’m pretty dogmatic so I love rules. 🙂





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Top Comment


It was really difficult to choose a top comment this week!  There were many great suggestions on how to invest in your marriage as well as a lot of “I wish we had…”s on buying a first home.  And hearing a little about everyone’s weddings was so fun!  Ultimately though, I have to give it to nicoleandmaggie‘s comment that emphasized the great tenant of personal finance is that money is a tool that enables you to get what you really want out of life like time with your spouse. “For us, it’s about buying time. Not counseling or date-nights, but outsourcing chores, specifically childcare in our case.”



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