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Two Tiny Notes

Miss me yet? 😉 Just wanted to pop in with two bits of news.   1) You can get your EPF fix over at Making Sense of Cents today. Michelle published a guest post I wrote (pre-FinCon14 freak-out) on a budget-related method of motivating myself to earn side income in my funemployment. For September, I’m already up to ‘car gas.’ Leave me a comment over on Making Sense of Cents to let me know what you think of my idea!   2) I just learned I have an internship interview in a field I’m very interested in so please wish me luck! Even though I’m not job-searching, I seem to be job-applying. I’ve applied for three internships, a fellowship, a part-time contract job, and two full-time jobs in the past six weeks. Most of those … Read entire article »

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Favorite Posts, Mentions, and Top Comments Week of 20October2013

The big news this week was my guest post over at Get Rich Slowly last Sunday.  I enjoyed the comments so much!  Kyle and I even each got an internet coincidence out of it – GRS is really popular!  😉   Other than that, just tons of work this week.  Kyle is writing feverishly and I’m putting in lots of hours in the lab preparing for an experiment with my collaborators.  The only break in our routine was a dentist appointment, which went smoothly and our wallet is only $252 lighter.  🙂     Posts I Liked   Jacob from iHeartBudgets impresses again with another plan for traveling for free – this one over four cities!   Michelle from Making Sense of Cents and Diversified Finances is now officially self-employed and reflects on her first week.   Gillian from Money After … Read entire article »

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Welcome Get Rich Slowly Readers!

Today I have a guest post up on Get Rich Slowly.  EPF readers, please check it out – this is the post in which I reveal our net worth!  Get Rich Slowly readers, thanks so much for surfing over to check us out.  If you want to hear more you can subscribe through RSS, follow us on Twitter, or fan us on Facebook.  We have new content up every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.   It feels so strange to tell our whole story on another blog where I can’t link back to all the posts I’ve done on the individual components of it!  I hope you came over to this post because you were interested in learning more about some aspect or another of our story, so I’ll use this post to … Read entire article »

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Welcome, Budgets Are Sexy Readers!

Welcome, Budgets Are Sexy Readers!

Thanks for visiting our blog! For my regular readers, today J. Money from Budgets Are Sexy has a guest post from me on my previous “side hustle” of participating in clinical trials and psychological studies.   As it happens, I did another study this very week! It was a follow-up to one I participated in a couple years ago at my university. I took a survey and then had my memory, vision, and hearing tested for 1.5 … Read entire article »

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Are You Sure You Want to Spend $27000 on Your Wedding?

Are You Sure You Want to Spend $27000 on Your Wedding?

Today we are featuring a guest post from Edward Antrobus as part of this month’s Yakezie Blog Swap – click over to his blog to check out my participating post.  Edward is a blogger, home cook, and construction worker.  Enjoy!   The cost of the average wedding is over $25,000. That number doesn’t even include the cost of the dress! (I’ve never understood that. Isn’t the wedding dress a wedding-related cost? Why wouldn’t you include it in the … Read entire article »

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