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I’m addicted to podcasts.  I listen to them when I’m in the car (if I’m not listening to NPR), when I’m running errands, and when I’m doing labwork.  Many people listen to music in the lab but a couple years ago I started listening to archived sermons from my church instead of music.  Then I added some of my favorite NPR programs (This American Life, The Story).  Finally I branched out into non-radio podcasts from individuals.  Over the years I have accumulated several podcasts on money, finances, and the economy that I love to recommend to my fellow podcast-lovers.
APM Marketplace (All-in-One):  Week-daily news coverage of the economy and all things related in several programs totaling a little more than 1 hour of airtime.  On Fridays they also release a personal finance-focused hour of programming called Marketplace Money.  This podcasts keeps me well-informed on the markets and overall economy but also introduces me to many interesting stories and in-depth analysis of the headline news.  They often cover tech news, which gives me topics of conversation with Kyle and other tech-nerdy friends.
Beyond Your Wedding Day:  This is primarily a marriage podcast but the husband is a financial coach so financial topics sneak into many episodes and they occasionally do a full series on finances and marriage.  The hosts really seem to have a great marriage while still coming off as relatable.
JW’s Financial Coaching Podcast:  JW produces two podcasts – one on general financial topics and one featuring interviews with people who have gotten out of debt.  As a graduate of Dave Ramsey’s counselor program, JW focuses a lot of attention on becoming debt-free.  I particularly enjoy hearing about how he and his wife handle their finances.
NPR Planet Money: A frequent collaborator with This American Life, Planet Money employs in-depth reporting and excellent storytelling to cover economics in a way that is interesting and understandable to an intelligent layperson.  They are not headline-driven so the stories may be a bit delayed from when they are covered by the rest of the media, but Planet Money always has a more complete perspective to give.
Other podcasts:  I also subscribe to MoneyLife but am thinking of unsubscribing as all their stories seem to run together.  I used to subscribe to MoneyPlan SOS but the host seems to be a bit of a Dave Ramsey parrot and after a few months I felt I had received his full message.  I currently subscribe to a couple of the Wall Street Journal’s podcasts on economics but I don’t find the shows to be as high-quality as Marketplace.  I recently subscribed to Living in Financial Excellence so I’m going to check that out this week.
Do you listen to any of these podcasts?  Are there any more you think I should check out?
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  1. Jon White says:

    Hey Emily thanks for the mention, I really appreciate having you as a listener and I am glad you enjoy the show! As for some of the other shows you have listed, I really enjoy Beyond Your Wedding Day. Mike and Mandy do a great job of sharing what’s going on in their marriage, which I really appreciate. I’ve also listened to Living in Financial Excellence for a while and enjoy that one. Matt has become a good friend and I appreciate all the hard work he puts into his show.

    1. Emily says:

      I found Beyond Your Wedding Day through your debt-free living podcast, so thanks for introducing me to it! I also listen to ONE Extraordinary Marriage so I may have eventually found it through them but you were first. I guess I like my financial podcasts by individuals (rather than organizations) to have some real-life (usually marriage-related) details and insights as well.

  2. Thank you for the links! I’m starting to add some miles on my runs, and I need new podcasts to listen to.

    1. Emily says:

      No problem! What are your favorite podcasts, financial or non-financial?

  3. Mike Young says:

    Thanks for the kind words Emily! We appreciate having you as a listener. We feel honored to be included with such great company. Let us know if there is anything you would like us to discuss on the show. Thanks again!

    1. Emily says:

      Oh, hey there! I feel like a celebrity has visited my blog. I look forward to your show every week! I wouldn’t mind you going off the book-discussion model more often to just hear more of your own thoughts and stories. 🙂 I like your idea to start the series with the engaged couple and walk through their counseling a bit on the podcast. Kyle and I found our premarital counseling SO VALUABLE (largely in giving us confidence that we were ready for that step) and it was my favorite part of our engagement.

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