Weekly Update 4

We had a rather busy week in terms of after-work activities.  In addition to our usual ones, we attended a lecture on science and faith by a mathematics professor from Oxford and watched a basketball game with friends.  On Friday night we went to a wine and cheese party with some friends – delicious!  Kyle also has been working super hard on a software release for his research so he’s been putting in lots of hours on that.  Using only one car has been going pretty well!  I had to catch a ride from a friend once this week and we had a morning or two of getting-out-of-the-house tension but we’re managing.


Posts I Liked

SB at One Cent at a Time shared how devoting increased time to his blog caused his performance reviews at work to drop.  He lays out a plan for giving appropriate place to both his blogging activities and his day job.

Jefferson at See Debt Run wrote a great, honest post about overcoming the stereotypes he had about Aldi, the discount grocery store chain.

Jeff at Sustainable Life Blog announced the start of a series on guidelines for living sustainably.  I’ll definitely be paying close attention!

Well Heeled Blog shared her thoughts on the financial impacts of having a child and her career and financial goals to achieve before she reproduces.  The comments from actual parents add a lot of value as well.

The Dollar Disciple wrote a detailed post on the structure of his family’s budget.  I love reading these sorts of posts to get a peek into other people’s lives!  What we call “short-term targeted savings” he calls “future spending.” He and his wife are also preparing to live on one income, which is also very interesting/admirable!

Jason at Work Save Live wrote a post on the pros and cons of online banks.  In our experience with Ally and ING, there are only been pros!


Top Comment

Jason at Work Save Live wrote on Living a Step Behind “I used to have a problem and was slightly envious of their lives, but now I really take pride in knowing that I’m doing what’s right and what’s responsible for my family.  I know that things will be different 20 years from now. I will be able to live the life that I want and everybody else in my generation is going to be praying that Social Security doesn’t collapse.”


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  1. Thanks for the link love! Glad you enjoyed the post!

  2. WorkSaveLive says:

    Thanks for including my post in this! And you gave me the mention for the top comment too…that’s pretty cool!

    Thanks again!

  3. Thanks for the links. Some Good reads!

  4. All the comments helped me too… sometimes I think my blog is a stand-in for a life coach!

  5. […] post about the Pros & Cons of Online Banks was mentioned by Evolving Personal Finance and by Crystal over at Budgeting in the Fun […]

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