Favorite Posts, Mentions, and Top Comments Week of 21April2013

Not much to report about our week here – it was pretty quiet!  Just lots of work.  We went to Kyle’s program’s end-of-year party and saw basically all our close friends from school.  I got my baby-holdin’ on, which was awesome.  We also had a small game night with some friends from our small group since we realized we hadn’t had them over since we moved to our townhouse.  Now that the weather has turned definitely-spring we want to be outside as much as possible!  Thankfully neither of us has allergies because the pollen is fierce right now and it will be getting hot soon enough.



Posts I Liked


Mrs. Pop from Planting Our Pennies thinks our ease of shopping has gone too far when even their cat can make purchases!


Phoebe from All You Need Is Enough has a guide for being frugal and social.


G.E. Miller from 20 Something Finance shares how to reduce both your spending and your footprint.


Jessica Strait from Invest It Wisely explains how you can stop living paycheck-to-paycheck.


Lance from Money Life and More outlines the changes to the FHA mortgage and what the impact is for borrowers.


Our Freaking Budget kicks off its 50 States Project with our current state of North Carolina.





Mo’ Money Mo’Houses listed Married with Roommates? in her weekly link love.


Cash Rebel included How to Price a Room for Rent in his weekly wrap-up.



Top Comment


Renee questioned the underlying premise of my post on how to price a room for rent – quite legitimately! “Haha, this makes for an interesting post, for sure… however, I think determining rent prices is neither a “systematic”, nor a “fair” process. It’s just business. If two people are looking for an apartment together, then I think they have to settle on how to split the price, perhaps systematically, once they find a place they like. But if someone already has a place and they’re looking to fill the room, then I believe the standard market practice is that they set the room prices based on what they believe will attract a good roommate (and perhaps have some friendly “negotiation” talk when the person comes to see the place and seems interested).”



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  1. Edward Antrobus
  2. Lucas
  3. Michelle @ Making Sense of Cents
  4. Renee
  5. Ross @ Cash Rebel



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  1. Making Sense of Cents
  2. Our Freaking Budget
  3. Stacking Pennies
  4. Newlyweds on a Budget
  5. Money After Graduation


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  1. Thanks for mentioning my post this week!
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