Favorite Posts, Mentions, and Top Comments Week of 22September2013

We had a pretty nice week – lots of work and some good social stuff.


I started my FPU table hosting on Tuesday and it went well, I think.  I picked a table of people who looked to be around my age.  🙂  There wasn’t a whole lot of time for us to interact as most of the class was watching the DVD of Dave teaching or receiving instruction from the coordinator.


We also drafted our games from our basketball season ticket this week.  Since Kyle and I were drawing immediately next to one another we got all the same games so that worked out well.  We’re pretty disappointed with the home games this season – it doesn’t seem to be a as hard a schedule as they’ve had in previous years.


I’m trying this new thing where I don’t watch TV so much in the evenings.  Now that new shows are back on I can let myself watch just that one (How I Met Your Mother, Big Bang Theory) and then turn off the TV and retreat to our bedroom, where I can work on blog stuff.  Maybe once we finally get unpacked I’ll have some space in the office, but for now I’m working on our bed!  I’m definitely working faster and concentrating better than I do when I’m watching The Office reruns.  🙂



Posts I Liked


Jacob from iHeartBudgets returns his budget Friday series with a submission from an MD with no debt!


My Financial Independence Journey shares his former mindset on personal finance – very close to our current!


Holly from Club Thrifty reviews Allstate’s Drivewise program.


Lance from Money Life and More asks if they should continue to be gazelle intense about their student loans or take it at a moderate pace.


Tonya tells at Make Money Your Way her experience as an extra on a TV set.




Who Has Seen You Financially Nude? was featured in the Carnival of Financial Planning.



Top Comment


Jessica from Mo’ Money Mo’ Houses had an egregious portion of her security deposit withheld: “When we moved out of our last apartment we cleaned the heck out of our suite but they withheld $200 from our damage deposit because they said the oven wasn’t clean enough. Sure, I honestly forgot to clean it, but how the hell would it cost $200 for it to get cleaned. Had we not moved to another province I would have fought it because I think they have to give you the opportunity to clean/fix it yourself before just withholding money from you. Part of the renting process I just hate!”



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6 Responses to "Favorite Posts, Mentions, and Top Comments Week of 22September2013"

  1. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    My church just started FPU, and when i have more time available I definitely plan on leading one of them. Do you enjoy it?
    Jacob | iHeartBudgets recently posted..Budget Friday: Submission 11

    1. Emily says:

      The first week was fun! Just like, introductions to the students, though. I’m looking forward to digging deep.

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  3. I’m really into all the fall TV shows right now too. Hard to pull myself away! Thanks for mentioning my blog on Pauline’s site!

    1. Emily says:

      Thankfully there aren’t too many shows I’m following now – really just the two I mentioned. Although there’s plenty of great stuff on Netflix so that’s always a danger.

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