Favorite Posts, Mentions, and Top Comments Week of 6October2013

Nothing out of the ordinary to report this week.  Just lots of work for me and lots of thesis-writing for Kyle.


Oh, and I decided at the last second to attend a retreat with my church next weekend so that’s $110.  I’ve said a zillion times recently that I need a vacation so this is a good holdover until Thanksgiving/Christmas/Kyle’s defense.



Posts I Liked


Congratulations to Eric on his engagement and Cat on her pregnancy!


Cat from My Personal Finance Journey plans on renting for another decade.


Pauline from Reach Financial Independence has a budget for people who hate budgets.


Tonya from Budget and the Beach jumped on a great deal on a trip to Iceland.





Jacob from iHeartBudgets listed The 3 to 6 Month Emergency Fund in his good reads.





Losing Half Our Buffer was featured in the Carnival of Money Pros.


FPU: I Get to See What All the Fuss Is About! was featured in the Yakezie Carnival.


The 3 to 6 Month Emergency Fund was featured in the Carnival of Financial Planning.



Top Comment


Simon from Modest Money approved of the more nuanced approach to calculating emergency fund size: “Right on! About time people started questioning what is considered common wisdom. Emergency funds IMHO is not a one size fits all kind of thing. As with most financial decisions a lot has to do with ones financial situation, life and temperament. Still, its something definitely worth having in whichever form for the peace of mind, things do tend to break down when you least expect them and life has a way of throwing curveballs from time to time which we can definitely cushion with an e-fund. How much and where to keep it though is upto someones liking after gauging their needs and financial situation.”



Most Frequent Commenters


  1. Cash Rebel
  2. Bryce @ Save and Conquer
  3. E 2



Top Blogs Referring to EPF

  1. iHeartBudgets
  2. Save Invest Give
  3. Budget Blonde


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4 Responses to "Favorite Posts, Mentions, and Top Comments Week of 6October2013"

  1. Thanks so much for the congrats, linking to my post, and for linking to my article on Jacob’s blog! 🙂 I really appreciate it!!

  2. […] post was featured on the Carnival of Money Pros, Evolving Pf, Financial Carnival for Young Adults, Mom and Daddy,Pearltrees, thank […]

  3. Pauline says:

    thanks a lot for the mention!
    Pauline recently posted..Finally, a scanning code of practice!

  4. Oh my…that top comment seems to be a very irate me in support of alternative views to emergency funds 🙂 Really humbled and appreciative of being featured.
    Have fun at the retreat!
    Simon @ Modest Money recently posted..Barclaycard Rewards MasterCard Review

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