Favorite Posts, Mentions, and Top Comments Week of 5January2014

This week went about how you would expect given where we were last week – lots of work and sickness.  I kept my nose to the grindstone through Wednesday (my deadline), and then allowed myself a sick day on Thursday – which I then made up for on Saturday, sheesh.


moto XI received my Moto X this week!  I think Kyle is jealous since his iPhone 5 is no longer the hottest phone in the house.  It really is miles ahead of the Defy XT and I’m so happy I upgraded!  The screen is huge!


This week Kyle and I booked two flights to California for a friend’s wedding in February!  We’re excited to attend the wedding and see a few of our CA family and friends.  We haven’t been out there since last April, which is by far the longest we’ve gone without visiting.  We used my Barclaycard to book the trip so pretty soon we’ll be able to apply the bonus points and knock the fare from $746 to $321!



Posts I Liked


Jon Dulin from Money Smart Guides explains how advertisers use psychology to get you to spend.


Done by Forty shares a story of his wife’s experience with a family in Peru that asked what America is like.


Matt Becker from Mom and Dad Money asks us to rethink the advantage of the Roth IRA by pointing out that under certain circumstances a traditional IRA will be taxed only at your effective tax rate in retirement but you can avoid paying your marginal tax rate today.


Stacking Pennies has exciting plans for her finances in 2014.


Jordann from My Alternate Life is combing finances with her new husband!


Sam Lustgarten from Frugaling explores how income levels in different parts of the country may or may not be considered “rich.”





The Thinking Person’s Guide to Dave Ramsey: Realistic Wealth Building was featured in the Carnival of MoneyPros.


Christmas 2013 Recap was featured in the Yakezie Carnival.


Budgeting Is a Waste of Time was featured in the Carnival of Financial Camaraderie.


When to Pass Up a Company Retirement Match was featured in the Carnival of Personal Finance #446.



Top Comment


Kim from Eyes on the Dollar was anchored in a different economy than the one I’m anchored in: “I went through high school and college in the 90′s when everything was booming… I have never thought if this might have influenced why we got into so much debt, but maybe we were still spending like things would always go up? Luckily, being in a small town and working in pretty recession resistant industries, we didn’t experience a loss in pay or even a job. I guess I am always pretty optimistic that things will work out. I’m not sure if that’s good or bad.”



Most Frequent Commenters


  1. Alicia @ Financial Diffraction
  2. SarahN @ Live to List
  3. Leigh @ Leigh’s Financial Journey



Top Blogs Referring to EPF


  1. The Simple Dollar
  2. Get Rich Slowly
  3. Wandering Scientist


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8 Responses to "Favorite Posts, Mentions, and Top Comments Week of 5January2014"

  1. Thanks for including me in this great list! 🙂 Awesome to be a part of it.

    Have a great day!
    Sam @ Frugaling.org recently posted..Hunter Gatherers vs 21st Century Desk-sitters: What A Natural History Museum Taught Me About Work

  2. Thanks so much for the mention, Emily! I am envious of your new phone. We pay so little with PTel that the numbers don’t point us to Republic Wireless, but I sure would love a new phone (who wouldn’t?).
    Done by Forty recently posted..Mindless Accumulation

    1. Emily says:

      I can’t believe I bought a new one just over a year after getting my first one, but I think this one will last my self-imposed 2-year minimum!

  3. […] got a decent amount of searches for Republic Wireless this month, which is awesome.  I received my new Moto X last week – y’all, it is a dream.  I mean, I’m sure it’s comparable with the other smartphones […]

  4. I am definitely thinking about getting a Moto X when my upgrade date rolls around. Would love your thoughts on it so far!
    Lisa E. @ Lisa Vs. The Loans recently posted..Lisa vs. the Millionaire List

    1. Emily says:

      It’s great great great! But I don’t have much to compare it to, really. It’s faster and has more storage and better battery life than the Defy XT so far. I’m going to test the call drop issue when I can. I’ll probably write a full review in a few weeks.

  5. […] Nearly all of of that is the two smartphones I’ve bought for the service (the Defy XT and now the Moto X) since most of my monthly payments have been covered by referral credits from other people using my […]

  6. […] we were ready to book some travel – a flight to CA for a wedding in February – we just went through our normal booking process of comparing flights on kayak.com and a few […]

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