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If you haven’t yet heard of Republic Wireless (RW), get ready to have your mind blown. RW is a cell service carrier that has a totally different business model than the big players in the industry. It relies primarily on wireless signals to transmit data, including voice, when they are available to you and goes over the Sprint network only when necessary (it is a mobile virtual network operator). Because of this shift in approach, it is able to offer very low prices to its customers. Its plans range from $5/month to $40 per month depending on the amount of service you want. There is no contract and you can switch plans up to twice per month if your needs change.


RW plans


There are a couple catches that you should know about up front:


1) As I mentioned, the service uses the Sprint network, so if you don’t have good Sprint service in your area it may be a no-go. However, don’t worry about whether or not you are under wireless coverage for most of the day – all you have to do is register one wireless network on your phone (home or work, for example).


2) You do have to buy your phone through RW up front, and they only sell Motorola phones (the Motos X, G, and E with price points from $299 to $99). However, don’t be put off by this up-front investment as it will quickly pay off with the low monthly fee for the service. Believe me, you are paying through the nose for your “discounted” smartphone through a major carrier because of the high monthly price and the contract you’re locked into. And no, if you are an Apple devotee, you can’t currently use your iPhone with this service.


I first signed up for RW during their beta wave in 2012I have been using their service for almost two full years now and I really love it. When I’m on a call, I can seamlessly move from being under a wireless network to going over the cell network with no dropped call issues. Where I live, the Sprint service is very good, and I can always access data on my phone. I have the Moto X, which is an awesome phone that I’m extremely pleased with – it has 16 GB of memory and a 10 MP camera.


Have I emphasized the price enough yet?! I have the $25/month unlimited everything plan and it’s awesome to both get that low price and not to worry about data usage. The $5 and $10/month plans would also be great options for people who really want to reduce their cell bills and are under wireless coverage for much of the day (as I almost always am). It really makes no sense any longer to be paying a high monthly bill with one of the big carriers unless Sprint coverage in your area is poor.


If you want to give Republic Wireless a shot, I would so appreciate you using the banner below when you sign up. Thanks a lot for supporting EPF!



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  4. Blarg! says:

    Hi Emily,

    I finally decided to update my phone, and remembered your early discussions of Republic Wireless on the blog. I just signed up using your link only to find that the refer-a-friend program has ended. It wasn’t clear when checking out, so you may want to edit the post.


    1. Emily says:

      Thanks, I didn’t know that. Not sure why they didn’t notify me. I’ll remove my referral links. Thanks for attempting to give me a referral!

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