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HuffPoLive Segment on Boomerang Kids Paying Rent

Today I participated in a HuffPost Live segment with Erin from Broke Millennial that was inspired by her great post on why parents should charge their boomerang kids rent.  Erin asked me to join her as someone who paid a rent-equivalent while I lived with my parents post-college.  So for those of you who are curious about my and Erin’s faces/voices, the segment is embedded below.  It was supposed to be 20-25 minutes but was cut to about 10 – can you tell I didn’t get all my talking points in?  😉     About a year ago I wrote two posts of my own about boomerang kids, based on my experience as one: Boomerang Kids, Listen Up: It’s Not All about You How to Be an Exemplary Boomerang Kid   Thanks so much for asking me … Read entire article »

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