Weekly Update 9

The Big Event this week for me was participating in a global health case competition in Atlanta as part of a team my university sent.  We got the case on Monday, flew down Thursday evening, worked our butts off Friday, and presented on Saturday.  It was a ton of work (we were on campus working until 2:30 AM Friday night and then I put in a little more time in our hotel room) but our team got along very well (we had many fits of hysterical laughing) and I was very happy with our solution and presentation.  Of course I was also getting prepared lab-wise to leave town so I front-loaded my work this week.  I hope that explains my absence on the PF blogosphere!  I plan to return to my commenting ways today.


Strangely, this was a big band week for Kyle.  He had practice on Thursday, attended a day-long local workshop on Saturday, and is playing at Durham’s annual crop walk fundraiser today!


We were both bummed about not being about to watch the Final Four games on TV because of our other engagements, but we’re planning to watch the finals on Monday.  I haven’t decided who I want to win yet – what do you think?



Posts I Liked


Melissa at Bible Money Matters listed five actions you should avoid if you are in debt.  Some of them may seem like good ideas, but only if you’re debt-free!

Jeff at Sustainable Life Blog bought a house!  Congratulations!


J. Money at Budgets Are Sexy has been taking his wife on dates using daily deals sites.  I don’t use those sites as of now but if I did this method would be my first foray.


Elizabeth at Broke Professionals recounted a story in which she experienced jealousy over an acquaintance’s big house, but then her acquaintance confessed jealousy as well!


J. Money at Budgets are Sexy is running a series on sidle hustle jobs, and this week’s was on being a bouncer.  I don’t go to clubs so I very rarely encounter bouncers and it was interesting to learn more about that job and how a true professional conducts it.





Why You Should Save for Retirement While in Graduate School Part 1 was featured in the Financial Carnival for Young Adults 5th Edition, the Financial Simplicity Carnival #4, and the Carnival of MoneyPros #4.


Why You Should Save for Retirement While in Graduate School Part 2 the Totally Money Blog Carnival #60 and the Carnival of Retirement.





Kari @ Small Budget Big Dreams listed Why You Should Save for Retirement While in Graduate School Part 2 in her Sunday shout-out.


SB @ Finance Product Reviews listed Why You Should Save for Retirement While in Graduate School Part 1 in his weekly chit-chat.


Jason @ Work Save Live added Earned Income: The Bane of the Graduate Student’s Roth IRA in his weekly mentions.


Life In Transition included How Does Your Salary Compare to the Living Wage? in her week in review.


Novel Investor listed Earned Income: The Bane of the Graduate Student’s Roth IRA in his happy hour.


Thanks everyone!



Top Comment


My post this week with the best discussion was definitely the one concerning the living wage calculator I ran across.  Jana from Daily Money Shot was able to give a nuanced perspective because she has had both a low and high income while living in the same area.  She said “What strikes me the most is how little the housing costs change, regardless of family situation. Some of the other costs didn’t make sense to me either; I think I’d like more information at how they arrived at the figures.”  The curiosity about the methodology of the calculator was a very common response.



Most Frequent Commenters (four-way tie this week!)

  1. Kari @ Small Budget Big Dreams
  2. Daisy @ When Life Gives You Lemons
  3. Emily too
  4. Jason @ Work Save Live



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  1. Work Save Live
  2. Good Financial Cents
  3. Tackling Our Debt
  4. Young Professional Finances
  5. Small Budget Big Dreams

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  1. Leigh says:

    I often front-load my work as well! It makes me a lot less stressed to feel more like I’m on track to hitting Friday deadlines if I work late on Monday and then sometimes, I take off early on Friday. Sounds like you had a pretty fun (if not busy/tiring) week though!
    Leigh recently posted..April 2012 Spending Plan

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