Weekly Update 34

I tried out a new work schedule this week; I’m staying at work the two evenings per week that Kyle has activities that I don’t share.  Not that surprisingly, I got a lot more done and I felt great about it!  Working longer days increases productivity better than linearly.  Also, a bunch of awesome things happened at work:

  • I attempted an experiment that worked on the first try!
  • I wrote a portion of a grant proposal and my advisor said he liked the figure I made.
  • My coworker sent me a paper about a method I can use for an idea my advisor wants me to explore and I’m really excited to try it out.


I started to transition to the Primal lifestyle a few weeks ago and it’s going fantastic.  I’ve changed the types of food I eat in terms of macronutrients and grain and legume elimination and started going to be earlier, but I haven’t gone totally organic or gotten my workouts going at the proper frequency and intensity.  Kyle and I have been getting into lots of arguments about the price of food – one of them precipitated by me buying eggs at the farmer’s market for $4/dozen.



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Kathleen from Frugal Portland captured top comment because she has the most awesome bride-friend ever: “My friend who is getting married next month not only bought my bridesmaid dress but is paying for the alterations.”  Talk about generous!



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  1. Emily too



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9 Responses to "Weekly Update 34"

  1. Thanks for the mention, Emily!
    Those $4 eggs, although expensive, were probably cage and cruelty free. The chickens probably aren’t forced to live in cages where they cannot even turn around and they probably weren’t debeaked. Sometimes you just have to spend that kind of money for peace of mind!

    With that being said, I am sometimes guilty of buying the $1 carton of bleached eggs and I don’t have much of an excuse except that my family eats so many darn eggs!!!!!
    Holly@ClubThrifty recently posted..5 Ways to Save Money: The Tough Love Edition

    1. Emily says:

      I wanted to ask the farmer I bought the eggs from how they were raised – though I care more about what they ate, honestly – but I didn’t. I would feel awkward choosing not to buy after inquiring if I didn’t like the answer.

  2. SWR says:

    $4/doz eggs is higher than our farmers market- they were about $3.50 this summer. But then again, a dozen organic eggs costs far more than that at our local grocery store. Just one of the many reasons I’m so bummed that our market season is over!
    SWR recently posted..Admitting we’re broke

    1. Emily says:

      I didn’t look around at a bunch of stands so the price may have been high, I’m not sure. Our farmer’s market goes all year round, actually, and I don’t see why chickens would lay only in the summer – maybe you can find a source for the rest of the year.

      1. SWR says:

        Haha. It’s not the chickens that are the issue; our growing season is pretty much over up where I am, so our markets close up for the winter.
        SWR recently posted..We are broke. (For now.)

        1. Emily says:

          Yeah, I meant that you can interact directly with a farmer instead of through a market. Are there winter CSAs for meat, eggs, and root vegetables? The farmers still have to offload the eggs somewhere!

  3. Thanks for mentioning my generous friend! 🙂 Our eggs are $6 a dozen at the farmers market but they get to hear Mozart when they’re laying their eggs.
    Kathleen @ Frugal Portland recently posted..20 Things to Do (and Not Do!) Before 2012 Ends

    1. Emily says:

      Oh man. Overkill.

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