Weekly Update 36

I’ve had a really great week, actually!  I worked late on Monday and Thursday as has become my routine and accomplished a lot at work this week.  I also worked a full day on Saturday, which was probably my best day ever for generating my product.


Kyle and I went to the theater on Tuesday evening.  The show was actually delayed an hour, which has never happened before, so we walked around nearby and had a great conversation in the intervening time.


We received reminder calls on Tuesday that we had a dentist appointment on Thursday.  We didn’t even remember that we had made an appointment six months out as we had just planned to go back after one year.  So we spent some money out of our Medical account that we weren’t expecting, but that’s what it’s there for!  I also need to go back next week for some additional work.  🙁


Kyle is actually out of town this weekend, and we can’t really talk because we only have one phone between us!  We’ve just chatted/texted a couple times, much less than usual when one of us is away.  I created a big to-do list but of course I’ve accomplished less than I wanted, but that’s fine.  I’ve enjoyed my quiet weekend home alone aside from bedtime – Kyle and I have taken turns reading the Harry Potter series to each another until we fall asleep nearly every night so it’s been difficult for me to fall asleep without that.  🙂



Posts I Liked


William from Drop Dead Money shares at 20’s Finances about “Corolla time,” a period of keeping a low standard-of-living, possibly requiring lifestyle deflation to achieve.


Kraig from Young Cheap Living sums up his life before and after learning patience with his finances.


Tie the Money Knot lists ten habits to help you avoid debt.


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Jason from Work Save Live included When Top-Down and Bottom-Up Budgeting Clash in his weekend reading.



Top Comment


David from Skeptic Finance provided his great insight on how to balance top-down and bottom-up budgeting: “I guess we kind of did a little of both, for things like food and utilities where simply assigning a percentage doesn’t always work we worked bottom up. For things like investing we went top down otherwise we would never get to the level we wanted to be at…  I do agree with the idea of at least having some things based on a top down approach, especially saving, investing, and giving. Housing could possibly fall under this as well, if you don’t already have a house/mortgage, top down will give you a good number to stay at or below.”



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