Weekly Update 44

Kyle and I flew to California this week for our Christmas vacation!  We had two normal days at work, then drove to northern Virginia on Tuesday evening and flew out early Wednesday morning.  Since then we’ve been hanging out with Kyle’s parents and seeing our friends from college.  I’m so glad all our shopping is done and we just have to wrap the presents that arrive every day and make peanut butter balls to add to the presents!  I love wrapping and baking, even though I don’t eat what we bake.  I’m looking forward to spending even more time with family and friends next week!



Posts I Liked


G.E. Miller from 20 Something Finance shares the financial profile of a reader and his suggestions to help him stop hemorrhaging money.


Ninja from Punch Debt in the Face debates whether or not he should put 10% instead of 20% down on his first home.  The comments on this post are very insightful!  As a non-homeowner I appreciate the preview of the home buying process and options.


Money Smart Guides lays out his opinion on how to determine the question of whether to pay off debt or invest.


My Money Design lists twelve high-level money questions to jump-start your goal setting practice.


Jacob from iHeartBudgets fields a very unusual budget makeover request.  I love this series!


DC from Young Adult Money suggests several free and low-cost ways to enjoy the holidays.


Figuring Money Out explains why she listens to Dave Ramsey’s podcast even though she follows none of his advice.  I wrote a similar post a while ago!



Guest Posts 


I wrote a guest post for Michelle from Making Sense of Cents during her vacation titled Why I Love My Budget (For Serious).  Please check it out and leave a comment!





Mrs. Pop from Planting Our Pennies included Who Paid for Your Wedding? in her love for others.


Jacob from iHeartBudgets listed Who Paid for Your Wedding? in his good reads.


Money Smart Guides mentioned Financial Wrongs from the Past in his roundtable.


Crystal from Budgeting in the Fun Stuff listed Zillions of Gifts, on a Budget in her weekly favorites.


Jessica from Mo’ Money Mo’ Houses included Zillions of Gifts, on a Budget in her weekly link love.





Who Paid for Your Wedding? was featured in the Carnival of Money Pros and the Yakezie Carnival.


Ways to Monetarily Invest in Your Marriage was featured in the Money Mail Carnival – Seventh Edition and the Festival of Frugality #367.


I Wish We Could Buy a House was featured in the Wealth Builder Carnival #105.


Blog Statistics Update November – December 2012 was featured in the Yakezie Carnival.



Top Comment


nicoleandmaggie shared how she was in the same position I was regarding financial aid coming from a magnet school, but she didn’t get screwed over: “My school’s financial aid office was hella generous (and my high school also didn’t do rankings… though I think in their official stuff they told schools we were all in the top 10%). But it’s the shining star instead of the tech school. ;)



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Top Blogs Referring to EPF 


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  1. Thanks for including me 🙂

    Are you in the snowy part of CA, or the sunny part?
    Jacob @ iheartbudgets recently posted..iPad 3 Giveaway!

    1. Emily says:

      Sunny. 🙂 It’s delightful.

  2. Great list of blog roundup. Time to enjoy a hot cup of coffee while reading your suggested posts. Enjoy your Christmas vacation!
    Cherleen @ My Personal Finance Journey recently posted..Using A Debt Consolidation Plan To Pay Off Debt

  3. Thanks for the mention this week! Enjoy Christmas out in California!
    My Money Design recently posted..What I Want for Christmas

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