The Best Things in Life Are Free

one of our engagement photos from the Duke Gardens by AGP

one of our engagement photos from the Duke Gardens by AGP

These are all things and experiences that I love that are free (or at least can be free)!



Not surprisingly, many of these line up with my top five values.  I feel wealthy when I enjoy these things and I didn’t spend a dime doing it!


What are some of best things in your life that are free?


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12 Responses to "The Best Things in Life Are Free"

  1. Lucas says:

    Good list 🙂

    I will add
    -Taking A walk
    -Playing with Kids in a stream (some of my best memories ever are doing this 🙂 )
    -Storm Watching
    -Taking a shower (as close to free as driving to the library 🙂 )

    1. Emily says:

      I love playing in streams when I was a kid! I guess I could be doing that still. We had a great thunderstorm come through last night – it was fun to race home before it hit and enjoy the rain and wind after.

  2. Leigh says:

    Haha, I love that you included orgasms on your list! Hmmm, what’s free in my life?

    Journaling (sort of, since I’ve been buying the books with gift cards)
    Running (including with other people!)
    Reading on my balcony

    A healthy social life isn’t always free, but I’m finding that it really is a key to my happiness. I’m also finding that with a happy social life and a good fitness routine, I don’t actually spend that much time thinking about money. It’s quite freeing!!
    Leigh recently posted..May 2013 net worth update (+6.4%)

    1. Emily says:

      Haha I think orgasms were the first thing I thought of when making this list but I wanted to bury it so I didn’t look like a sex fiend. 😉

      That’s two votes for showing now but I have to say it’s not one of my pleasures! I think it is for Kyle though – if he’s not pressed for time he’ll stand under the water for quite a while enjoying it.

      We have a lot of free activities that our friends are willing to hang out and participate in. Actually we don’t eat out too much any more, which was our most expensive regular social activity. I also would be happy camper with regular exercise and a regular social life.

  3. krantcents says:

    Most of the most enjoyable things are free! Spending time with friends and family do not have to cost anything.
    krantcents recently posted..Xanatos Gambit!

    1. Emily says:

      We have to travel to see many of our favorite people so that is actually one of our big expenses. 🙁 But because community is one of my top values, I think it’s worth it! We have some good local friends, as well, now that we’ve lived here for a while.

  4. Michelle says:

    Love your list! I love just relaxing on my patio, playing with my dogs, spending time doing nothing with W and much, much more.
    Michelle recently posted..Emergency Fund or Pay off Debt?

    1. Emily says:

      Sounds like a lovely low-key time!

  5. My list would include knitting, cuddling with the dog (when he’ll let me), window shopping, and swimming and hiking (when we’re at home in Maine).
    KK @ Student Debt Survivor recently posted..Weight Watchers Here I Come

    1. Emily says:

      Knitting is a great hobby – I wish I had something to do with idle hands. 🙂

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