Favorite Posts, Mentions, and Top Comments Week of 15December2013

My big objective this week was to accomplish enough at work so that I could leave town with a clear conscious.  I have a deadline for early January and I needed to make sure that I would meet it.  So I worked Sunday through Saturday this week, and finally on Saturday afternoon I declared myself finished with work!  I officially start winter break this morning after I stop by lab for a quick second to move some samples.  We’re going to church, eating lunch, and then driving up to my parents’ place for the break.


Merry Christmas!  Happy New Year!  I hope you have a great break if you’re taking one!




Posts I Liked


Jordann from My Alternative Life and Joe from Stacking Benjamins each wrote year-end reflection posts that I enjoyed.  Jordann got married and Joe sent his twins off to college!


Joanna from Our Freaking Budget asks if you are a Dave or a Suze.


Kali from Common Sense Millennial presents an ode to her hand-me-down couch.  It reminded me of the one I wrote about my air mattress!


Ashley from Saving Money in Your Twenties used my Republic Wireless referral link to sign up for the service and writes her own review.  She actually signed up for the $10 per month plan so it’s interesting to hear how she’s liking it.


Grayson from Debt Roundup writes at Frugal Rules about the time someone called him ‘frugal’ when he really meant ‘cheap.’


Jake from iHeartBudgets is travelhacking his way to Hawaii with six other family members.


Tie the Money Knot lists 100 ways to make money on the side.


Michelle from Making Sense of Cents reveals her long-term travel plans for the first half of 2014.





Matt Becker from Mom and Dad Money included The Thinking Person’s Guide to Dave Ramsey: Swapping Baby Step Order in his Cool Stuff Around the Web #19.





The Thinking Person’s Guide to Dave Ramsey: Reasonable Baby Step Modifications was featured in the Carnival of Personal Finance #433, Carnival of Financial Independence 42nd Edition, and the Carnival of MoneyPros.


Solving Our Two-Body Problem in 30 Seconds was featured in the Carnival of Financial Planning.


Short-Term Challenges to Speed Debt Repayment was featured in the Carnival of Financial Camaraderie.



Top Comment 


Bryce @ Save and Conquer coincidentally exclusively uses two of the cards I highlighted on my post on great current cash back rewards credit cards: “The only two cards I use are the Fidelity AmEx card and the Upromise MasterCard for those places that don’t accept AmEx.”



Most Frequent Commenters


  1. Matt Becker @ Mom and Dad Money
  2. Alicia @ Financial Diffraction
  3. Mrs. Pop @ Planting Our Pennies
  4. Leigh @ Leigh’s Financial Journey



Top Blogs Referring to EPF


  1. Get Rich Slowly
  2. Punch Debt in the Face
  3. The Simple Dollar


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  2. Cash Rebel says:

    Happy winter break! Have a great Christmas!!
    Cash Rebel recently posted..Candy canes and trying new stuff

  3. Leigh says:

    Enjoy your time off! I know I am! It’s so wonderful to have two weeks off to relax without traveling anywhere!
    Leigh recently posted..I’m Done Optimizing

  4. Ashley says:

    Thanks for including me!!! Hope you have an awesome Christmas! 🙂

  5. Jacob says:

    Enjoy your break Emily! We’ll probably be having a baby during ours, which is kinda nuts. Should be a lot of fun (and no sleep, haha).

    Glad you enjoyed my Hawaiian Travel Hack 🙂
    Jacob recently posted..Your Hybrid Car Is A Waste Of Money

    1. Emily says:

      BABY TIME!!!!! Congrats!

  6. Thanks for the mention. Have a great break and a Merry Christmas!
    Tie the Money Knot recently posted..Writing a Christmas Letter to Family and Friends

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