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Favorite Posts, Mentions, and Top Comments Week of 26May2013

Phew!  We’ve had a busy week!  And we’ve hardly had time to recover!   Last Sunday and Monday we were in Boston for a wedding.  Right when we got into RDU on Monday we drove to a Memorial Day cookout – we were thankful for the hot ready meal!   We were back at work Tuesday through Thursday, including attending a 4-hour seminar on negotiation and problem solving, focused on hiring negotiations.   On Wednesday night we had small group as usual.  On Thursday we went to a young professionals event at our church, where we got a free meal and SQUARE DANCED for about an hour!  It was so much fun!  Then on Friday we heard the North Carolina Symphony play movie music at a free outdoor concert.   On Saturday morning we drove to northern Virginia … Read entire article »

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Mini-Vacation Financials: Wedding in Boston

Mini-Vacation Financials: Wedding in Boston

Last weekend Kyle and I traveled to Boston to attend the wedding of one of my high school friends to her college sweetheart.  The wedding was on Sunday night (before Memorial Day) so the couple organized an afternoon and evening of activities for the younger wedding guests on Saturday.  We were able to stay with another friend attending the wedding and hung out with her and other high school friends in town for the event … Read entire article »

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