Favorite Posts, Mentions, and Top Comments Week of 26May2013

Phew!  We’ve had a busy week!  And we’ve hardly had time to recover!


Last Sunday and Monday we were in Boston for a wedding.  Right when we got into RDU on Monday we drove to a Memorial Day cookout – we were thankful for the hot ready meal!


We were back at work Tuesday through Thursday, including attending a 4-hour seminar on negotiation and problem solving, focused on hiring negotiations.


On Wednesday night we had small group as usual.  On Thursday we went to a young professionals event at our church, where we got a free meal and SQUARE DANCED for about an hour!  It was so much fun!  Then on Friday we heard the North Carolina Symphony play movie music at a free outdoor concert.


On Saturday morning we drove to northern Virginia to attend my cousin’s college graduation party, and that’s where we are now!  We are staying the night at my parents’ house and hanging out with my siblings until we return to Durham on Sunday.  Our car has no working A/C so the drive was a bit miserable – on the upside we finally found the time to finish reading And Then There Were None Aloud to each other.


That’s been our week!  I can’t wait for next weekend when we can relax at home!



Posts I Liked


Ross from Cash Rebel has been admitted into an exclusive social club at work – but is it worth it?


Jessica from Mo’ Money Mo’ Houses observes several “dos and don’ts” from her recent wedding.


Jake from iHeartBudgets has revealed several new life and money developments in the last week.  First he asks whether he should pay down his student loan debt with a cash bolus, and then justifies why he has such a large emergency fund, chiefly because of this big announcement!


TeacHerFinance is buying a condo! Congratulations!  But on the other hand, My Financial Independence Journey dissects why buying a home is not right for him at this time.


G.E. Miller from 20Something Finance explains why he is not so enamored with the Roth IRA for people in the 25% tax bracket and higher.  Good thing we’re in the 15% and it’s an unambiguous choice.  🙂


KK from Student Debt Survivor emphasizes that you shouldn’t neglect your health in your pursuit of wealth.


Jen from The Happy Homeowner explains at Money Life and More how she uses her savings as a line of credit and diligently pays her borrowing back as a separate line item in her budget.





Pauline from Reach Financial Independence worked Attend Weddings But Don’t Go into Debt into her post on what she’s learned from having animals.


Miss T. from Prairie Eco Thrifter listed Using Upromise to Pay Down Student Loans in her good reads.





Attend Wedding But Don’t Go Into Debt was featured in the Festival of Frugality #390.



Top Commenter


Ross from Cash Rebel shares my feelings about internet banks – eloquently!: “I guess I just sort of assumed everyone switched to online banking. When I was looking to get serious about banking, online banks already blew brick and mortar banks out of the water. It just makes so much sense to do banking only online. I love my Ally savings account. I still have a US Bank checking account, but only because I was too lazy to switch direct deposit.”



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  1. Ross @ Cash Rebel
  2. Edward Antrobus
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12 Responses to "Favorite Posts, Mentions, and Top Comments Week of 26May2013"

  1. CashRebel says:

    I hope your drive back at night is a little cooler! Are you going to get the AC fixed? Thanks for the mention, have a great week.
    CashRebel recently posted..I’m Obsessed With Saving Energy

    1. Emily says:

      Thankfully Sunday was cooler than Saturday – we survived. I think the A/C was failing slowly and we realized too late it was completely out. We don’t drive more than a few miles a day so I guess we hadn’t really noticed. The last time this happened we just needed to get the A/C charged, so that shouldn’t be too much of a hassle.

  2. I’ve never square danced but I’d imagine it would be a lot of fun. I know a few country line dances, but haven’t done them in years. Thanks much for including my post.
    KK @ Student Debt Survivor recently posted..Self-Care – Don’t Neglect Your Health While You Accumulate Your Wealth

    1. Emily says:

      I hadn’t square danced since elementary school and it was great fun to do it with my husband! I haven’t line danced since high school either, I think.

  3. Thanks for mentioning Jen’s post this week!
    Lance @ Money Life and More recently posted..How I Got a $520 Southwest Ticket for Free

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  5. I remember square dancing from my days in elementary school and being in the girl scouts. I had so much fun!
    Budget and the Beach recently posted..Crowdfunding: Where Dollars & Dreams Meet

    1. Emily says:

      Same for me! It was much nicer holding hands with a man I actually like rather than some awkward boy!

  6. Thanks for the mention!
    My Financial Independence Journey recently posted..Weekend Link Love:

  7. Leigh says:

    I LOVE square dancing! Glad you guys had fun!
    Leigh recently posted..May 2013 net worth update (+6.3%)

    1. Emily says:

      I want to do it again but I haven’t yet looked up where to go locally. And it probably wouldn’t be as much fun without some of our other friends there (though we didn’t dance with them, so maybe).

  8. Nice, sounds like you had a busy week. Hope you had a good drive back. Thanks for sharing the links.

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