Weekly Update 13

Kyle and I are in California for our 5-year college reunion!  I hope that explains my commenting absence in the last couple days.  I can’t spend much time writing about it now but I may do another mini-vacation post.  Suffice to say, we are having a great time!

"lunch with the faculty chairs" on Friday



Posts I Liked


My Money Design listed four great, straightforward steps for evaluating the mutual funds available to you in a 401(k) or 403(b).  I’m a little scared of not having total control of my options like in my IRA but this guide will help me pick the best option.


Well Heeled Blog shared a question she and her husband are weighing right now – a long-distance marriage to reduce a debt load.  She asks her readers if they would ever part from their spouse over money.  My answer is not necessarily for money but we are efinitely considering it for career advancement.


Jordann from My Alternate Life elaborated on sustainability tips for non-homeowners (and homeowners too!) in honor of Earth Day..


John at Christian Personal Finance laid out several totally straightforward and comprehensive steps for saving money for any goal.


Lindy at Minting Nickels listed several detailed car-buying tips she discovered while searching for a new or used car.


Leigh at Leigh’s Financial Journey explained why she blogs anonymously and without a photo.  What do you think of the advantages and disadvantages?





Five Money-Saving Moves from Our Wedding was listed in Odd Centsweekly report.


The Slippery Slope of Separate Money was listed in One Smart Dollar‘s recapFinance Product Reviews‘ weekly roundup, and Credit Sesame‘s week in money management.





Mini-Vacation Financials: Smoky Mountain Trip for a Wedding was featured in the Financial Carnival for Young Adults 9th Edition.


The Slippery Slope of Separate Money was featured in the Carnival of Financial Simplicity and Totally Money.


The Fact and Fiction Behind “Two Can Live as Cheaply as One” was featured in the Carnival of Financial Camaraderie #31.



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On The Fact and Fiction Behind “Two Can Live as Cheaply as One,” Average Joe agreed that “The peer influences thing is the biggie to try to avoid in my life. I find myself going over to a friends home and thinking ‘Well, they have one….that’d be great at our house, too!” or “I’d love to have my house look as nice as XXXX person’s home.'”


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  1. Thanks so much for the mention!
    Jacob @ My Personal Finance Journey recently posted..The Credit Card Dilemma: Prepaid or Not Prepaid?

  2. Lindy Mint says:

    Thank you so much for including my car articles. Enjoy the rest of your reunion vacation!
    Lindy Mint recently posted..Everything I Learned About Buying a Car, Part 2: Buying Used

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