Weekly Update 38

We have had a pretty busy week and especially weekend!  I started the week off with some dental work that put us out $198 on top of our regular checkup the previous week.  This week I also had a really great meeting with my partner with whom I am working on a tax resource for grad students.  It really helped clarify my understanding of the various documents that grad students receive and how it can seem so confusing.  I’m happy to be working on this project and will share it here when the resource is complete (early 2013).


My parents are visiting us this weekend to see our new townhouse, which means we finally got it unpacked and straightened up!  (Kyle did 99% of the work!)  The last time they were here was around New Years for some basketball games and before that it was our wedding.  We visit them much more frequently than they come down here so this is a fun departure.  I think it’s also nice for them to get away even if just for a night.


I am going to a conference next week – leaving on Wednesday and returning on Saturday.  I won’t be so active on this blog or elsewhere on the blogosphere during that time, obviously!  I will miss you all.  I’m still looking for a guest post for Friday (or in the coming months) if anyone is interested (bloggers only please).



Posts I Liked


Jason from Work Save Live outlines the financial milestones he and his wife want to reach before they have a child.


Derek from Free at 33 states at Young Cheap Living the various ways to calculate the sum of money needed for retirement.


iHeartBudgets expounds on the ways you can prevent purchasing temptations from overcoming you.


Bible Money Matters shares that the new Roth IRA contribution limits for people under 50 is $5500, which means that maxing out both our IRAs is even more of a pipe dream.


Miss T. from Prairie Eco Thrifter has a post for all those who think they don’t need a budget.





Nicole and Maggie said they were lucky to have a small amount of earned income through graduate school between the two married partners and referenced my post on graduate students, earned income, and Roth IRAs.



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Erin made a good follow-up point to my post on living your real life now.  I advocated for not putting off your priorities and values, but Erin countered that “I think it’s okay to have “later on” priorities for some things though” such as furniture.  Not everything can be #1 on your priorities list!  What I meant is that you should work down your priorities list for as long as your time and money last but not to put off everything just because you’re in a time-out period of life.



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