Weekly Update 26

Thanks for your encouragement last week on starting financial coaching through my church!  This week I arranged THREE practice sessions with members of my small group and I was offered my first real clients!  I’ll meet with them next week and I hope I’ll be able to help them.  The man in charge of the volunteers told me that the vast majority of people just need someone to listen to them, pray with them, and help them set up a budget – I think I can do those things.


This week we helped one of our friends move and it was very eye-opening in advance of our move!  We had to get all of her and her roommate’s belongings into a UHaul to go across town because she was leaving town the next day – people (including us) have a lot of stuff!  Since we’ll have a week to move, our plan is to move all of our furniture with the help of friends on the weekend and then move all the small stuff ourselves over the last several days.  I really need to start thinking of how to get rid of some of our stuff (particularly my clothes) and packing up things we don’t use on a regular basis.



Posts I Liked


Jeremy from Modest Money asked whether or not people with good credit really need liquid cash for emergencies.


Andrea from So Over Debt shared several strategies she uses when she is tempted to overspend.


Corey from 20’s Finances gave a great argument for why we should be tracking our spending and explained the most common ways to go about it.


Amber Gilstrap from Money Under 30 wrote an awesome primer on moving to help you minimize costs!  This is so timely for us as we prepare to move next month.


Jason from Work Save Live answers the question every bonus-chaser wants to know: does canceling a credit card hurt your credit score?


Melissa from Bible Money Matters asks if your budget reflects your top three priorities (and to think about your future priorities).  According to our budget, our top three priorities are rent, retirement savings, and giving.


Sicorra from Tackling Our Debt provides a lists of questions to diagnose yourself as an impulse spender.


Brent Pittman from On Target Coaching gives a tight argument for paying off student loans early.





Edward Antrobus listed If I Were My Financial Advisor, What Would I Tell Me? in the places he’s been.





Double Check that Your Meal Plan Isn’t Screwing You was featured in the Yakezie Carnival and the Festival of Frugality #34.


If I Were My Financial Advisor, What Would I Tell Me? was featured in the Carnival of MoneyPros.



Top Comment


Well Heeled left a wonderfully concise comment that was reflective of deep maturity in both money management and relationship communication on Found Money Creates Wants: “I feel a little strange telling [my husband] what he can buy or can’t buy… Usually I just lay out my reasons for my preference and he typically understands… I like the system of spend half and save half.”



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4 Responses to "Weekly Update 26"

  1. Modest Money says:

    Congrats on getting started with the financial coaching at your church. I’m sure you’ll do very well with all the financial knowledge you gain as a finance blogger. It’ll probably be very rewarding to directly help people with their financial problems too.

    Also, thanks for the mention Emily!
    Modest Money recently posted..Modest Money 6 Month Blogging Anniversary

    1. Emily says:

      Reading blogs widely as well as listening to a variety of podcasts on personal finance has given me a passing knowledge in areas that are beyond those of my personal experience. It’s already paying off!

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