Weekly Update 39

I haven’t done one of these in quite a while, but this week I guess I was particularly inspired by all the great posts I read!


We finally had a housewarming party so I guess our new place is now officially open for (social) business.  We also watched our first basketball game of the season at a friend’s house.  We took a look at this year’s TV schedule and it seems that our workarounds from previous seasons will not be as effective.  Previously, we were able to watch nearly all the games without cable but this year there are only a few available.  So we might need to add cable back in January through April so that we are able to 1) watch all the games and 2) have our basketball-watching group of friends over for the most contentious games.


I’m making some progress at work.  I’m giving lab meeting on Monday so I’ve had to collect my thoughts about my project and I’m feeling very optimistic.  I have submitted my dissertation committee list to the graduate school and am planning to take my preliminary exam in the latter half of January or early February next year.  Kyle has been working really hard on a grant with his advisor and has recently been freed up to focus more on his own work and job search.



Posts I Liked


Katie G. from Talking Cents lists several strategies for spending less money on holiday travel – a few of which we used when booking our Christmas flights.


Jason Steele at Narrow Bridge Finance outlines a detailed strategy for optimal use of credit card travel points – and reminds me why we prefer cash back cards!


Leigh from Leigh’s Financial Journey publishes her investment policy strategy, which she learned about from the Bogleheads.


Daisy from When Life Give You Lemons challenges her readers to record the cost of all of her food food for a month and analyze it to squeeze more money out of the grocery budget.


Catherine from Plunged in Debt questions whether everyone really needs dental insurance.


Lance from Money Life and More explains how to prepare for the looming (probably) payroll tax increase.


David from Money Under 30 shares a personal perspective on why he and his wife have chosen to return to full-time work after the births of their children.


Jacob from iHeartBudgets did another great budget post for Kim from Eyes on the Dollar.


Corey from 20’s Finances expresses his opinion that the high rate of college tuition increases is unsustainable.





Jason from Work Save Live listed What It Means to Be Wealthy in his weekend reading.


nicoleandmaggie included Tax Lies Told to Graduate Students in their link love.


Jessica from Mo’ Money Mo’ Houses mentioned The Cost of an In-Town Move in her weekly link love.


My Money Design linked to Adding Credit Cards – How Many Is Too Many? in his link love.





The Great Debate: 15-Year vs. 30-Year Mortgages was included in the Carnival of Retirement and the Carnival of Money Pros.


The Cost of an In-Town Move was included in The Festival of Frugality #362 and the Yakezie Carnival.



Top Comment


Kelly gave us a great example on my blog statistics update of how silly university residency policies can be: “I was told that b/c I was there for the purpose of being a student, I was considered a resident of where my parents lived, even if I owned a house in PA!”



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  1. Catherine says:

    Thanks for including me Emily! Have a great sunday!
    Catherine recently posted..Weekly Reads: 16.11.12

  2. Thanks much for the mention. Stinks about your cable situation but it isn’t the end of the world 🙂
    Lance @ Money Life and More recently posted..Random Thoughts, Personal Finance Round Up and Carnivals #30

  3. Leigh says:

    Thanks for the mention! Hope you guys have a great Thanksgiving next week 🙂
    Leigh recently posted..Winter Commute Options

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