Weekly Update 37

on the Eno River

I was sick early in the week and had to miss some work, so that sucked.  I also derailed my normal way of eating because I didn’t feel up to cooking as much so I ate cheap carbs in place of some of my normal meat and vegetables.


Kyle and I had a nice Saturday. We served snack at an ESL ministry at a nearby church and then went on a hike and out to dinner with some of our friends.



Posts I Liked


Jeff from Sustainable Life Blog listed at Narrow Bridge Finances several important strategies for avoiding post-graduation lifestyle inflation.


Brent Pittman from On Target Coaching shared that clergy can opt out of Social Security but that the decision shouldn’t be made lightly.  I had never heard about this until a recent Dave Ramsey show.


Jason from Work Save Live fleshed out the top three money subjects that couples fight about and how he and his wife head them off.


Kathleen from Frugal Portland is thinking of buying a house despite being gazelle intense about paying off her debt right now – what would you do?


Corey from 20’s Finances asks if you would rather buy a second car or travel.


Sarah Davis compared at Money Under 30 what $200k will buy you in different real estate markets.  This post made me trip and stumble into Zillow and looking at townhouses in San Diego, which is way, way far in our future.


G.E. from 20 Something Finance alerts his readers to a new credit card with very attractive rewards categories.  I want…


Kevin from Thousandaire is engaged!  And I love the ring!  It’s similar to the concept we started our ring design with.




NZ Muse included When Top-Down and Bottom-Up Budgeting Clash in her money link love.



Top Comment


I enjoyed Emily too’s comment on Choosing Our Own Destination.  It’s really applicable to all of personal finance! “You should dream big! I think you always will find money for what you have to do, but you won’t find money for what you want to do unless, well, you really want to.”



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  1. Leigh says:

    That San Diego townhouse did look really nice!!! Or maybe I’m just in love with their patio set…
    Leigh recently posted..Today, I’m thankful…for my employer matching funds in my 401(k)!

    1. Emily says:

      I’m already mentally in San Diego… This is bad!

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