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Just in case you missed the zillions of reminders from Google Reader itself or any of the other blogs you read, today is the last day of Google Reader’s life!  You will have to switch to another RSS reader if you want to keep having all your great blog content organized in one place.  There are many other options – Kyle is now using The Old Reader and I am using Feedly.  And if you’ve never signed up to get EPF’s content through an RSS feed, this is a great opportunity!


We had another week of heavy work this week and not much else.  We’ve tried to fit in as much tennis as we can but it’s been raining quite a bit.  That’s also put a damper on our grilling but we are enjoying it as much as possible!  On Saturday this week we shopped until we dropped before going out to dinner.  We bought: a pair of sneakers for me, a pair of brown shoes for Kyle, a shower curtain liner, an area rug for putting shoes on our back door, undershirts and underwear for Kyle, and a pair of jeans for Kyle.  The jeans were what took so long -we visited 4 stores and took lots of notes on fits and prices for several brands before Kyle picked one.  He ended up liking the absolute cheapest jeans he tried on the best – that would not have been the case for me!



Posts I Liked


John from The College Investor lays out six ways to derail your investments.  It’s a great list of practices to avoid!


G.E. Miller from 20 Something Finance explains how mobile virtual network operators like Republic Wireless work and lists the best ones with what types of plans they offer.


Melissa Batai from Tie the Money Knot asks what you think about a parent setting up monetary rewards for his children making ‘proper’ life decisions.


Vanessa from Cash Cow Couple has a very comprehensive list of 25 tips to spend less money on groceries – for more, check out my own list!


TeacHer Finance divides PF bloggers into two categories – inspiring and alienating.  Which type are you and which type do you think we are?





The Best Things in Life Are Free was featured in the Yakezie Carnival.


Rethinking Our Student Loan Repayment was featured in the Carnival of Personal Finance #419.


Trying Hard to Not Time the Market was featured in the Carnival of Passive Investing #31.


Hand in Hand: Lean In and Getting to 50/50 was featured in the Financial Carnival for Young Adults.



Top Comment


In our discussion about the milestones of adulthood, E 2 shared how she feels her finances are holding her back from completing her next milestone: “I’ve hit the point where my finances are impacting one of these decisions – I’m financially independent, married, and don’t live at home, but since my husband and I will both be finishing school and looking for jobs/postdocs in the next year or two, starting a family now now seems like a risky thing because where we will be, what jobs we will have (if any), and what are income and benefits will be are totally unknown. This is definitely the first time I’ve felt like I’m living in ‘suspended adolescence,’ since I didn’t wait on any of the other things, and it’s simply a result of still being in school in my late 20s.”


We also had an interesting discussion about natural family planning/the fertility awareness method on that post so check that out as well!



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