Blog Statistics Update May – June 2012

This is my one-month update on how EPF is doing based on our May 16 – June 15 data.  Probably only other bloggers will care about the statistics stuff, but I found the list of most viewed posts pretty interesting (two were from before this period) and of course comments are still welcome!  I’ll definitely read and respond to them.





People who listen to us, as of June 15, 2012

RSS subscribers: 66 (+13)

Twitter followers: 51 (+18)

Facebook fans: 13 (+13)


EPF’s Facebook fan number is really lagging behind our Twitter followers.  I actually use Facebook a good bit more than Twitter so I prefer to connect with you there!  Please like the page!



Alexa: 122,792 (-326)

Google PR: 2 (no change)

MozRank: 3.85 (+0.30)


I watched EPF’s Alexa rank drop into the high one-teens and then creep back up above 120,000.  Not sure why!


Some Google Analytics statistics:




Popular Posts


Most viewed posts


1) Why Do Stay-at-Home Parents Need Their Own Credit Cards?

2) How Might Your Spouse’s Love Language Affect Your Finances?

3) The Slippery Slope of Separate Money

4) Earned Income: The Bane of the Graduate Student’s Roth IRA

5) How to Move Out on a Shoestring Budget


Most Commented Posts


1) Why Do Stay-at-Home Parents Need Their Own Credit Cards?

2) How to Move Out on a Shoestring Budget

3) Sometimes I Don’t Eat.  Is that Rude?





I decided to set several process-based goals instead of focusing on outcome-based goals to increase our readership.


  1. Comment on at least four blog posts each weekday and leave at least 25 comments total per week.
  2. Find and comment on at least one new-to-me blog per week.
  3. Write at least two high-quality comments on “big” blogs per week.
  4. Write and submit one guest post to another blog.
  5. Promote three blog posts (not ours) per week through Twitter.
  6. Ask two questions designed to generate discussion/responses on Facebook.



Do you think I should add anything to my goals list to help promote EPF?  How are our stats shaping up?


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4 Responses to "Blog Statistics Update May – June 2012"

  1. Jason @ WSL says:

    I think your traffic stats are great! I’d imagine that guest posting will provide the greatest long-term traffic boost out of the above-mentioned goals. Although, it will ultimately depend on where you guest post.

    I’ve gotten some great traffic over the months just by commenting on the biggest sites as you suggested.
    Jason @ WSL recently posted..Cool Smartphone App & $500 Amazon Gift Card GIVEAWAY!

  2. Michelle says:

    Looks like you’re doing great! I need to comment on more bigger blogs as well.
    Michelle recently posted..Spending, Life, Income and Food Updates…

  3. I think you’re swell. I love your posts, always, and your goals to comment more are sound.
    Kathleen @ Frugal Portland recently posted..My Thoughts on How we Get into Debt

    1. Emily says:

      Aww, thank you so much!

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