Weekly Update 33

Last Sunday we went to a wedding and on Monday we visited Niagara Falls.  The rest of the week was normal working stuff until Friday evening.  Now, Kyle and I are not exactly social butterflies so we don’t go out every weekend night or anything, but it happened that we were invited to literally five different social events on Friday night!  We managed to get to three of the five events and had a really great evening (full of free food, too).  Yesterday we were invited to a lake house about an hour outside of Durham with all the rest of the Triangle graduate Christian fellowship groups.  The owners are doctors at UNC and often host large groups and retreats and stuff – they are incredibly hospitable!  We had a wonderful time meeting fellow grad students from our university and That Other University, eating, and playing in the water.  Kyle and I each even made a contact who might be able to help us with our next jobs!



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TB from the Blue Collar Workman kept it real in reacting to my post on how much we spent visiting Hamilton, ON, CA for a wedding! “Well it’s great you came out under budget, but man, it’s so much money to spend on someone else’s wedding!”



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