Weekly Update 49

Busy busy week for both of us again – that will be the story through the beginning of March for me (for my preliminary exam) and until Kyle gets a job for him.  This week I got the first draft of my preliminary exam document to my advisor for comment and Kyle inquired about his first postdoctoral position.   We also attended an alumni networking event on Saturday but didn’t meet anyone who would be immediately useful for making connections as we aren’t going into industry in the next year or so.


In awesome news this week, my advisor was elected to the National Academy of Engineering!  That is an enormous honor befitting his long career and many contributions to his field.  Another professor told me about it in the hallway on Thursday morning, and within 2 hours a few other lab members and I had obtained a cake and surprised our advisor with a little celebration with the whole lab!  He opened up to us a bit about his early research career and his plans for the future, which was very nice.


We also hosted a viewing party for a basketball game this week, which thankfully went our way.  There are still three games I’m really looking forward to this season before the ACC tournament and hopefully we’ll be able to watch over the air or get invites to view all of them.



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S.B. from Save Invest Give takes an even harder-line stance against no-spend challenges than I did: “From what I’ve seen, most (but perhaps not all) of these no-spending days or weeks are basically smoke and mirrors in my opinion. They always seem like an attempt to feel good about things by moving the purchase days around a little and then focusing on the good days.  If your long-term consumption rate doesn’t change, then nothing really happened… Maybe there are some realistic efforts that I haven’t seen.”


If you haven’t checked out my old post on grad students and earned income recently, you really should.  It’s my one post that continues to generate comments.  The one I received this week from Brad on child tax credits was particularly disheartening.



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